Special Mantra for Protection and Healing from Viruses

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My Indian Shivoham Tantra teacher kindly shared this powerful healing and protection mantra for the Corona (COVID19) and other viruses.

This mantra can help individuals and the world.


You can repeat this mantra as often as you’d like and in any kind of a situation where protection or heeling is needed.

Women should not do it in their first 5 days of the menstrual cycle.

Anyone can use this mantra, so of you’re inspired, you may share it.

Mantra for Self-Protection

Om harum juum saha

Here is an audio version of the mantra.

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Powerful Healing with Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric)

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tl;dr: In this article I share how I made Amanita Muscaria tincture, used it externally and internally for self-healing and what outcomes and transformations I received at the end of the process.

Warning: The information in this article is for educational purposes only.


Some years back I stumbled upon a very controversial book “The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross: A study of the nature and origins of Christianity within the fertility cults of the ancient Near East” by John M. Allegro. The book is based on the information found in the Dead Sea scrolls that were unearthed around 1946 and which brought force evidence conflicting with the other Christian texts. I will leave you the joy of discovering what those conflicts were by reading the book, but let’s just say that mushrooms were involved.

While I was raised in a culture where mushroom picking and eating was as routine as going to a supermarket, I was always taught that Amanita Muscaria is a poisonous mushroom. And until recently I have never questioned this belief.

I started researching this subject matter, only to find very little information about it. By spending some time on reddit forums I slowly started to encounter individuals that claimed that they used A. Muscaria for healing work. I learned that typically it’s done in one crazy intense experience where one consumes a few dry mushroom caps (directly or by making tea), then typically vomits for the first few hours and then an intense healing journey starts, continuing for 5-10 hours. And that you absolutely have to have a sitter for doing this process. That didn’t sound very appealing to me.

I then started looking into the toxicity of this mushroom and discovered that the main poisonous compound it contains is Ibotenic acid, a neurotoxin. I learned that a deadly dose for a human is about 15 caps of fresh A. Muscaria, and that by using a specific technique of drying the mushroom most of the dangerous Ibotenic acid gets converted into muscimol, which is also present on its own in the mushroom and which is much less toxic to a human. This compound is responsible for the healing work. A. Muscaria also contain small amounts of muscarine and muscazone, which are also toxic compounds.

Besides the drying of the caps, our bodies also decarboxylate the Ibotenic acid into muscimol. A large proportion of muscimol gets excreted in urine. This is important because in the Siberian Shamanic tradition, shamans collected their urine and shared it with others who wanted to partake in the healing ceremony. In his book “Drugged: The Science and Culture Behind Psychotropic Drugs”, when discussing A. Muscaria, Richard J. Miller writes:

Interestingly, it was observed that the drinking of drug-containing urine could continue for up to 5 cycles passing from one individual to another before the urine lost its capacity for intoxication. This was apparently often done because of the relative scarcity of the mushroom, and so preserving its hallucinogenic properties in this way had important practical benefits.

He also makes references to A. Muscaria urine drinking in the Indian folklore. Urine therapy is one of the components of Ayurveda.

Then I watched the 7th episode of season 2 of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, where Hamilton, a chemist, travels to Ukraine and learns how to prepare and safely consume A. Muscaria and partakes in the ritual.

At this point I knew that the mushroom has to be cracker-dry and some people suggested to wait for another 2-3 months to ensure most of the Ibotenic acid is converted to muscimol.

Finally, in search of reliable information, I turned to Russian mycology literature, and was able to find concrete traditional recipes for healing that didn’t require eating the mushroom, but, instead, instructed on how to work with a tincture, which was very easy to make.

Now I felt I was ready to start my healing work with A. Muscaria.

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The Simplest Joyful Way To Normalize Your Weight

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Based on a lot of research and experimentation here is what I learned about one’s weight normalization.

While most people try to lose weight, I use the term ‘normalize weight’, since some people need to gain weight and for many the verb ‘to lose’ creates an unnecessary anxiety, which in turn makes them gain weight.

First here is the TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) version:

Reality Check

  1. Don’t give a dime to what other people think about your weight. Especially since most of the time they don’t really think anything of you, as they are too preoccupied with their own life, and it’s you who thinks that they give a dime.
  2. Each person has a unique normal weight. And this weight will vary with seasons, stages of life and person’s well-being at the moment.
  3. Loving your body will naturally lead to a normal-for-you weight.

A Joyful Way to Your Normal Weight

  1. Calorie intake: Eat almost anything but with an awareness (intuitive eating model)
  2. Calorie burn: Engage in limbic exercise that you love (trance-type exercise, no thinking involved)

If you are intrigued let’s proceed to the detailed explanations and inspirations of the above ideas.

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How To Reduce the Risk Of Getting Scammed and Owned Via Email

November 22, 2017 by stas | No Comments | Filed in Security

My article “How To Reduce the Risk Of Getting Scammed and Owned Online” educates you about a variety of attacks you may encounter while browsing the Internet, how to recognize those and as a result avoid being compromised. I recommend you read it first, if you haven’t already done so, as it will help you to understand the main types of attacks and what the perpetrators gain from each, and how do these affect you and those electronically connected to you (friends, family and co-workers).

I wrote this dedicated article for attacks performed via email, since email is the main source of online scam. It is so, because, it’s easy to spoof a sender identity and as a result an email in your Inbox is often considered more trustworthy, than a random website you may visit.

Having my email address listed on my websites since 1999, it has probably made into all possible spammer and scammer databases, and I receive hundreds and at times thousands of unwanted emails daily.  As a result of this I have a great collection of bad email I can study and share the insights from that study with you. The examples I use in this article all come from spam email I have received in the last few days. Luckily, my fine-tuned spam filters catch 99.5% of that undesired email, so only 1-2 of those make it to my Inbox daily.

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How To Reduce the Risk Of Getting Scammed and Owned Online

November 17, 2017 by stas | No Comments | Filed in Security

Social engineering and con artists have been around probably since the first humans invented some form of communication and perhaps even earlier. There were few con artists back then and which lead to few victims of their deeds. The Internet age ushered global village which lead to scalability the con artists of yore couldn’t have imagined in their dreams.

While the con artists simply want to get some of what you have using their ingenuity and relying on your gullibility, there is a whole new type of exploits that lead to perpetrators owning your computer or mobile device, and then profiting from using it without taking anything directly from you. They use your device to mine bitcoins, facilitate denial of service attacks on vital online services, rent out access to your computer to anybody willing to pay, and much more. They also perform identity theft, where they use the gathered personal information to scam others, using your personality to trick your friends into further scams, suggesting to them to purchase things as if it were your recommendation, infecting their devices with viruses, influencing political votes, etc.

And while new scams and ingenious social engineering schemes get created every second, and nobody is really fully immune (I almost got scammed just recently), there are a few “low hanging fruit”-type of scams that you really should know about and which you can easily detect and avoid.

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How To Use Facebook Productively Without Letting It Consume Your Life

November 15, 2017 by stas | 1 Comment | Filed in Productivity

Let’s agree on one thing – Facebook’s goal is a single one – to make money.

How does it make money? Through selling advertisement.

How does it sell advertisement? By making you spend as much time as possible on the Facebook land. Even if you don’t click on any advertisement – they still make money from the brand exposure kind of ads, where advertisers pay for their brand to flash in front of your mind again and again, until it gets programmed into your subconscious, and that when you next go to buy something you unconsciously will choose the brand you were programmed to choose. And you’re also more likely to buy something you don’t need in first place.

Facebook making a killing in profits is not a problem – we live in a capitalistic world so it’s the norm.

The brainwashing is not the problem – they have been doing it long before Facebook.

The real problem is the side effect of Facebook’s design to make money — most Facebook users waste a lot of their life and invite too much unnecessary stress into an already very stressful life.

And even bigger problem is that all that distraction prevents you from having those few precious moments of being with yourself, when you can grow the most and be in your heart. When there is an inner disquiet it’s so easy to seek out something that will take your mind and heart away into some dream land. And online with non-stop stimulation and notifications of promised stimulation you’re being unplugged from your inner being and by making sure you’re constantly plugged into that dream world.

The easiest solution is not to use Facebook at all. The good old email is still going strong. The problem is that most of the world is on Facebook so if you want to communicate with people they prefer Facebook chat over email. Secondary, most events are now announced and arranged through Facebook so if you want to participate in group gatherings of any kind, unfortunately it’s almost impossible to accomplish without using Facebook. For quite some time I contemplated of dumping Facebook altogether, but then I realized that I can be smart about it and use it to my advantage and not let it take advantage of me.

Some people left Facebook in favor of another platform, but it too is there in the business of making money and who do you think they are going to copy as far as their features go? Don’t think twice — the leading platform Facebook. And they will do it more poorly since they don’t have as deep pockets as Facebook.

So what to do?

In this article I’m going to share tips on how you can continue using Facebook (and other similar platforms) without it sucking all of free time out of your life and replacing it with more stress than you already have from other sources. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mind Expanding Books and Movies on Time Travel and Parallel Universes

October 2, 2017 by stas | 1 Comment | Filed in Inspirational

Besides being very engaging for those of us who like to stretch and expand our minds, contemplating concepts of time and space is a very powerful spiritual practice as it’s being taught by a Tantric text, called Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. Linear time and fixed locality are the limitations that keep us from accessing the God’s superpowers of omnitemporality and omnipresence. I guess parallel universes aren’t exactly a direct match to omnipresence, but it explores an aspect of it.

A lot of the modern physics discoveries are about non-linearity of time, and the possibility of existence of parallel universes (multiverse). Finally the science is starting to catch up with the science fiction.

Parallel Universes

The concept of parallel universes is rather simple. Take yourself exactly as you are at this moment. Now imagine that there is another universe where you’re slightly taller, and another, where you’re even taller, and so on. Another universe where you are slightly shorter, and in another, even more so. Now take each of your body parts, the health of your organs, your smarts, etc., and create a new universe where everything else is the same except that one is slightly different. You have just visualized a pretty big number of universes in your mind.

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Do Souls Get Swapped During a Near-Death Experience?

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In this article I will share an interesting observation I have made with regards to Near-Death Experiences. This is just a hypothesis. YMMV.

I first encountered the phenomenon of Near-Death Experiences (NDE) some years back. Having read several books on the topic, I found it striking that most people, who went through the experience and lived to tell the story, came back completely transformed. Upon return they usually found themselves significantly more loving, cheerful and being able to instantly let go of whatever in the past bothered them for long periods of time. Many were cured from whatever physical ailments they had. I’d dare say that most came back enlightened to a degree.

The given explanation was that they experienced the afterworld, learned that their soul is immortal, thus got freed from the fears of their body’s mortality and in the process got liberated. Having studied high states of consciousness, enlightenment and related topics, I knew that for most people it takes years, decades and lifetimes to achieve a steady high state of consciousness. Many people have experienced very high states of consciousness through entheogens, Holotropic Breathwork, spiritual emergency and advanced yogic practices. While it’s clear that some impact was made on their daily life, it again normally takes many years to bring to a deep transformation, since person’s ego is not very easily modified and it takes time. In my yoga studies I was taught that it takes 6 hours to 3 days (!) of being in samadhi (state of enlightenment) for it to become integrated. Yet with NDEs the transformation seems to happen almost instantaneously.

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Finding Meaning in Life through the Game of Life

July 2, 2017 by stas | 2 Comments | Filed in Spiritual

From the first days of humanity man sought something bigger than himself to define the meaning of his life. Thus various types of religion have emerged and served man for thousands of years. These days materialism is the main religion and most people find meaning in a race for a bigger house, fancier car, latest high-tech gadget and it’s all good. When, however, something happens to them and the materialism momentarily doesn’t shine its seductive rays, for example due to a death of dear person, or their illness, or perhaps when they acquired enough of material goods and ask themselves whether there is more to life than shiny objects, finding meaning becomes a very powerful need in their life.

The Hindu Story of Creation

In Hinduism there is a very powerful creation story. It’s been said, that there was a being, named Shiva, that was omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. And who, despite the infinite power, had a very unsatisfactory existence, because he couldn’t appreciate all that power, since there were no problems to apply this power to or a way to reflect on his own capacity. Being omniscient, he found a solution. Just like a child playing in a sandbox and pretending to be a firefighter, an astronaut or a knight, and once bored with the current pretense, moving to a new game of pretending to be someone else, Shiva decided to pretend that he is limited in its powers and thus have an interesting game of experiencing things. So he contracted into a very limited being that could only do a few simple things. But that quickly became boring just the same and therefore being almighty, he created an infinite number of universes, populated with an infinite number of completely unique beings, all having a different level of his power, interacting with each other in an infinite number of ways. And that infinite number of beings in infinite number of universes were all part of Shiva. Now that was something and Shiva set himself up for an infinite future of infinite number of experiences, as creatures large and small, all being a contracted  Shiva, went about their lives, with all the drama, comedy, horror, joy, excitement, and many other characteristics of the qualities of life. Basically this world is an entertainment sandbox of Shiva, who experiences it all and who chose to not make any rules or ever interfere, because any rules would turn an unlimited experience into a limited one and it’ll bring his wise plot to an end.

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Engineer Your Way Out of Suffering with Sacred Contract Method

June 27, 2017 by stas | No Comments | Filed in Metaphysical, Transformational

While I have been on a spiritual path for more than a decade, and have been balancing the path of an engineer and a healer, I’m still a big skeptic and don’t easily get sucked into woo-woo techniques and methods. So whether you believe in spiritual way or not, read on, because if you do what I did, the amount of suffering in your life will be reduced dramatically and it’ll happen very quickly. And the way is so simple. The more I experiment with different methods for having a better life, the more I find that if a method is not simple and can’t be learned in minutes, it’s not an efficient method. This is because Truth is simple, and therefore methods that lead to Truth can’t be, but simple.

Some 10 years ago I stumbled upon an audio recording of a seminar by Caroline Myss, where she discussed her book called “Sacred Contracts“. A big section of the book deals with spiritual archetypes, which I don’t really care too much for, but the gem was in her discussing the following theory, which requires that for the next few paragraphs you suppose that reincarnations are possible and that you live more than one life.  If you already believe in reincarnations — then all is good, if you don’t — please indulge me by suspending your disbelief for a few minutes and just suppose that it’s possible while you read the next few paragraphs.

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