Do Souls Get Swapped During a Near-Death Experience?

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In this article I will share an interesting observation I have made with regards to Near-Death Experiences. This is just a hypothesis. YMMV.

I first encountered the phenomenon of Near-Death Experiences (NDE) some years back. Having read several books on the topic, I found it striking that most people, who went through the experience and lived to tell the story, came back completely transformed. Upon return they usually found themselves significantly more loving, cheerful and being able to instantly let go of whatever in the past bothered them for long periods of time. Many were cured from whatever physical ailments they had. I’d dare say that most came back enlightened to a degree.

The given explanation was that they experienced the afterworld, learned that their soul is immortal, thus got freed from the fears of their body’s mortality and in the process got liberated. Having studied high states of consciousness, enlightenment and related topics, I knew that for most people it takes years, decades and lifetimes to achieve a steady high state of consciousness. Many people have experienced very high states of consciousness through entheogens, Holotropic Breathwork, spiritual emergency and advanced yogic practices. While it’s clear that some impact was made on their daily life, it again normally takes many years to bring to a deep transformation, since person’s ego is not very easily modified and it takes time. In my yoga studies I was taught that it takes 6 hours to 3 days (!) of being in samadhi (state of enlightenment) for it to become integrated. Yet with NDEs the transformation seems to happen almost instantaneously.

I remember one of my lovers, who studied this subject with me, had a longing to experience an NDE and in the process to get liberated from the load she has been carrying with her. We will get back to her later in this article.

About 5 years ago I met Guruji Ravkumar Baswar, who is a right hand Tantra teacher in India. He claims that he wasn’t born into this plane, like most of us did. Instead, he made an agreement with a sickly man, who was about to die, to take over his body, heal it, spend some years using it to accomplish his spiritual work and then return it to the original soul. He said he had to do that in order not to loose connection with his teachers on other planes and to not forget the spiritual knowledge he has. It sounded dubious, but through the years of working with Guruji, I came to experience first hand his authenticity and real power.

footnote: if you’re curious about my teacher please see his FB page. His specialty is working with Cosmic Powers (Saktis) through Mantra, Yagna (fire pujas) and Herbology.

Then, a few years later someone suggested I watch Dolores Cannon’s lecture called “Moving into the New Earth (2012):

(you can safely skip the first 5-10 minutes of this talk, as they are irrelevant).

Dolores Cannon, who recently passed away, had been working as a hypnotherapist most of her life. A lot of her work had to do with putting her clients into the deep hypnagogic state and having them report to her what they saw/experienced. Based on some 40,000+ cases, she compiled an incredibly insightful corpse of information and published several books on the topic.

What she discovered is that the current Earth no longer can support the energetic pattern the materialism has been driving humanity into. And therefore help was needed to make the correction. Therefore the universe organized several waves of volunteers to be born here to raise the human consciousness. Those souls didn’t need to born again, as they learned their lessons, so they volunteered to do so anyway (Boddhisattvas?). The first wave happened to some of those born in 50s, who incidentally became the Hippie generation. And they had to do the most difficult heavy lifting. And we all know that their work did have a huge impact on the state of Earth. The second wave was of those born in 70s (my generation) and finally the third wave was of the Indigo Children, who were born in the 90s. Note that these volunteer souls came into existence in the normal way.

footnote: Finding myself fitting into the second generation of volunteers helped me explain why I have so little interest in material things. Of course it might be my wishful thinking, since clearly I still have lessons to learn and I can’t say I feel enlightened. The lack of materialism was the part that resonated with me. If you have been struggling to understand the purpose of your being on this plane, Dolores Cannon’s hypothesis may give you an insight, as it did for me.

The part of her lecture that’s most relevant to this discussion is this: She talked about those of her clients who experienced NDEs before working with her. They reported that when a person dies, they sometimes are given a chance to go back to Earth. If they choose not to return, a different soul comes back in their place. This is another volunteer coming in to raise the consciousness of humanity.

Do you see where I’m going with this? If an average soul gets swapped with a spiritually liberated soul, that would explain why those who have experienced an NDE, had an instant transformation and appeared to be much more enlightened than they used to be.

If this is true, then perhaps my ex-lover’s desire to experience an NDE wasn’t so smart – as her soul would be likely to leave her body – but of course how could she have known that (if that’s true in first place).

If you were ever to study laws of karma, this instant transformation doesn’t fit either, as the soul needs to learn the lessons it set to learn and can’t skip them.

Recently I have read Dr. David R. Hawkins’s “Letting Go – The Pathway to Surrender“. I consider him to be a pretty enlightened soul (he also has passed away just recently). And in the introduction to the book a short autobiography is given and guess what – he had had an NDE before he experienced his liberation.

A few years back I was at a talk by Anita Moorjani, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, had an NDE and returned not only healthy, but wise beyond any one’s expectations. She wrote several books about her experience. Remember at the beginning of this article my mentioning of my teacher in India, who healed a terminal case before taking over that man’s body? It happens here as well. Is Anita still the original Anita or instead some other much more advanced soul, who can instantly heal the body at such an advanced disease stage?

Having been exposed to all these tidbits of information, what originally appeared like a tall tale by my Indian Tantra teacher, now seems to be much more believable to me.

I haven’t done enough of an in-depth research to see how consistent this phenomenon is in most people who have gone through their NDEs . But clearly there is a pattern here. I hope you can see it as well.

And if a person had an NDE and came back without much noticeable change in their ways of being, does that mean their soul said ‘yes’ to the invitation to return and that’s why we can see no significant change?

Do you know first hand of anyone, who has experienced a clinical death and came back to life and you saw their amazing transformation? Please share if you do.

Of course, if you can see serious flaws in my reasoning please share as well.

Thank you for reading.

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