Good and Bad Bike Seats – How To Find a Sex-friendly Bike-Seat Today

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Ergonomic Bike Seats Available Today

In my book Don’t Let Your Bike Seat Ruin Your Sex Life – Ergonomic Bike Seats And Practical Pointers That Could Save Your Sex Life I explain in detail why you need to re-evaluate the choice of your bike seat; you might be unaware that it’s badly affecting your perineum and your sex life. This is a concern for men and women alike.

Now let’s look at what ergonomic bike seats you might want to try to experiment with. Of course the following list is non-exhaustive as there are so many bike seats out there. But it should be an excellent starting point.

ergonomic bike seats

Most of the following bike seats are marketed to both genders, some have minor variations making a special for-female version with slightly different shapes and different colors. Also, some companies produce complete series with slightly different variations between each product.

The following descriptions of the seats come unedited from the manufacturers of those seats.

Noseless Bike Seats

Sitting on a bike seat with a typical “nose” causes  high pressure on the perineum. So some manufacturers decided to simply get rid of it, leaving the seat noseless, and thus eliminating that aspect of the cyclist’s weight distribution.

There are several different variations out there, and so far this type of bike seat didn’t have a very good adoption rate. Cyclists cite the following drawbacks of this type of seat:

  • It is less stability-friendly as you no longer can use your inner thighs to hold the bike laterally stable.
  • It puts more stress on hands and neck as such seats are angled downward and the rider will tend to slide forward and therefore will need to compensate with stronger resistance against the handle bars.

But there are some cyclists who love this type of seat and they say that they have no problems whatsoever in their cycling experience.

1. Spongy Wonder []

spongy wonderThe Spongy Wonder bicycle seat puts absolutely no damaging pressure on the tailbone, prostate, nerves and arteries in the perineum (the area between the rectum and genitals) and completely eliminates all irritating and damaging pressures to the vulvar region.

The Spongy Wonder bicycle seat is approximately 4 inches shorter than most seats and the front part of the rail does not get in the way or present any danger.

The dual platforms of the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat are tilted to eliminate the problem of non-adjusting seatpost clamps. If you do have a tilting seatpost clamp, then the Spongy Wonder bicycle seat gives you even more adjustment options.

2. SpiderFlex

spiderflexThe Spiderflex Recreational saddle (REC), is ergonomically designed to properly distribute the riders weight and eliminates the pressure points that are common with riders who experience groin and perineum problems when cycling.

The ergonomic design of the REC saddle totally relieves the groin pressure that is associated with traditional bicycle seats, and relieves load pressure to the the ischial tuberosities.

The majority of our sales are to recreational riders who are simply looking for a more comfortable bike seat to ride on, but we also have a customer base of riders who have had prostate surgery, groin injuries, tail bone injuries, lower back problems, etc.

3. NexRide []

nexrideWe designed the Nexride saddle for the performance-oriented cyclist. The majority of our customers are 40-70 year-old males who are fairly serious cyclists. The Nexride saddle is relatively small and light, and it doesn’t look dorky. Thus, it fits in pretty well with a cycling enthusiast’s life. Having said this, we do have older, younger, heavier, and less-serious riders among our customers.

Pivoting noseless bicycle saddle supports sit bones directly. No pressure on sensitive nerves and arteries. Avoid numbness with lightweight, high-performance saddle. CDC recommended no-nose bike seat design.

4. Hobson’s EasySeat II []

hobson easy setA truly revolutionary design, the Easyseat II has a simple thumb-wheel placed in the center of the two seat pads allowing for simultaneous, uncomplicated and accurate width adjustments of the seat pads for custom fitting. The base, with longer rails, is made of nylon and glass. To add to the stability of the ride the seat pads are a bit wider; in addition to having elastomers or rubber plugs in each pad to keep the seat pad firm against your leg on each down-stroke. This seat has more padding when compared to the Original Easyseat and the tips are more supple for comfort in various riding positions.

5. Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat []

schwinnI couldn’t find the seat itself on its company’s website, but did find it listed on

The Schwinn No Pressure Bike Seat can be used on your bike or exercise machine. It features an innovative design that reduces pressure point contacts and relieves pressure from sensitive areas. This comfortable bike seat is made from a tough high-density fabric that makes it durable to withstand everyday wear and tear. It is also weather resistant for added durability.

It features limit pressure point contact and durable, weather-resistant fabric for extended wear.

6. BiSaddle

bisaddleThe BiSaddle® was initially designed primarily to function as a saddle for long distance road or exercise bike riders, but can and has been used successfully for all sorts of riding. The latest BiSaddle® construction uses thicker outer elastomer or foam surface materials which are more comfortable.

The saddle is designed to support riders only on the bottom of their pelvic girdle and not put pressure on any soft tissue (perineum). The saddle consists of two individually adjustable surfaces that have two points of adjustment each (front and back, thus lots of adjustability). These surfaces are contoured to fit the curvature of the bottom bones of the pelvic girdle (Ischiopubic rami and Ischial Tuberosities to be exact.). These surfaces are mounted on a frame that allows the surfaces to be positioned to allow for both separation and angular variations.

This design addresses erectile dysfunction in men by allowing for up to 3/4 inch of separation of the surfaces in the front, which is where the dorsal artery passes under the pubic symphysis (bottom of the V) and into the genitals. By only supporting riders on the bones at the bottom of the pelvic girdle it also eliminates pressure on the perineum. The perineum is where the prostate is for men and where all of women’s genitalia resides.

The design also eliminates the pressure that the standard saddle horn puts on nerves, arteries & veins that run along the sides of the ischiopubic rami (legs of the V).

The adjustability of the surfaces was initially thought to allow riders to position the surfaces directly underneath their unique pelvic architecture. Subsequent experience has shown that positioning of the surfaces must also take into account individual variations in where nerves, veins and arteries exist.

The latest version of the BiSaddle® includes optional height shims for the surfaces to accommodate potential pelvic variations.

7. RealSeat

realseatNo longer do you have to torture yourself straddling an unyielding, unforgiving and uncomfortable bike saddle. Saddles are for horses!

Each and every RealSeat starts with a specially designed CNC machined 6061 aluminum mount that will both clamp around the top of a standard tapered seat post shaft on bike and serve as main support for the heavy duty 6061 aluminum U-shaped welded seat frame that bolts to it.

Our futuristic RealSeatTM will instead cradle and pamper your bottom atop a dual padded and suspended nylon seat cover much like an outdoor folding chair. Our RealSeat will work on most any and all new or older bicycles including many stationary/exercise bikes and electric/gas scooters.

To finish and complete a seat, a dual padded custom designed 1200 Denier nylon seat cover is slid onto and tightened around the U-shaped seat frame tube via an internal webbing belt. The fitted and tightened seat cover is both flexible and comfortable to sit upon, and at the same time removes with ease.

And if that were not enough… our RealSeatTM comes to you fully assembled and installs in less than 10 minutes with only two wrenches!

8. The Seat []

theseatThe SEAT® takes the pressure off soft tissues and tender organs. The Seat reduces the risks of impotency and other injuries with its revolutionary “horn-less” design.

It is in compliance with recommendations from NIOSH & the CDC. The SEAT® is endorsed by DOCTORS & Police for professional riders for long pain free bike rides. The SEAT® solves the universal problem of bicycle seat pain, chaffing and numbness. The SEAT® is a healthier alternative to conventional bike seats.

Cut-Out and Split Bike Seats

A lot of the modern seats have either a central cutout with a hole in the middle, or a central groove. Others come with two connected halves.

Some scientific studies found that the central cut-out and split types of seat have less impact on the genitals, yet others reported that for some people with vulnerable perineal anatomy either the edges of the cutout or the overall decreased surface area in fact resulted in even more damage than the old-style flat surface seat.

9. Hobson’s ProHub x2 []

hobson prohubA superior designed saddle for on and off road cycling. The seat offers the rider the most “lateral balance and control” while on the bike – This is something that no other nose-less saddle can offer you! Light-weight and durable this seat has no protruding nose, but allows for the rider to be able to control the lateral movement of the bike, unlike most other nose-less saddles. This enables the rider to ride in a semi-erect position while eliminating all pressure from his/her perineum region.

10. fizik Tritone []

fizik tritone(discontinued May 2017)

Its shape allows the best aerodynamic performance with the maximum riding comfort.

A solid carbon fiber reinforced shell adds optimal stiffness to weight together with durability. It’s built to be comfortable as comfort correlates directly with performance.

Noseless and lightweight, it boasts bespoke padding with an extra long rail (85 mm) to perfectly fit any TT or Tri bike.

Tritone also features a completely modular carriage kit: two bottle cages, CO2 canister and inflator faster and easier, and silk-screen printed silicone stripes increase the grip on the cover.

The extended saddle length of 24 cm makes it compliant with UCI rules for time trial races. Tritone sets its own standards.

11. ISM Adamo/PR 3.0 []

ism adamoThe PR 3.0 is 145mm wide, it is our widest Performance Recreation model – great for upright style bikes, or those seeking maximum support. With 60-series foam and gel padding, you won’t find a softer seat in the ISM line.

While the PR 3.0 is loved by many high-level triathletes, it is equally at home on hybrids, road bikes, and city bikes. A true jack-of-all-trades, you won’t find a more comfortable seat in the world.

Like all ISM saddles, the PR 3.0 is nose-less and designed to remove pressure from soft tissue, ensuring maximum blood flow, no genital numbness, and a healthier, more enjoyable ride.

Key Features: Comfortable 60-series foam padding; Wider rear section for maximum comfort; Rear transition hook

12. Selle Italia SLR []

selle italia slrPassion for lightness. A union of light weight and incredible strength, points to the continuing popularity of the SLR among pro and amateur riders. Top quality carbon fiber properties combine with attractive styling to produce a winning saddle.

Features anti slip material in the middle of the saddle and strategically placed anatomical cutout with gel around anatomical cut out, self-molding padding. Perfect fit and shell made from 10% carbon composite, elastomers between the shell and the rails to absorb and eliminate road shock and vibration and co-moulding to allow a flexible suspension system without springs

13. Rido

ridoNo one has to be told how uncomfortable cycling can be.

Lifelong cycling enthusiasts who say they’ve got used to eating up all those miles on their trusted conventional saddles, beware the physical damage you could be doing to yourselves. Chances are you’re not actually ‘breaking in’ your saddles as you might think………. the saddles are breaking you in, although you might not want to admit to it!

Leisure cyclists: that numbness feeling you’re getting during and after your ride is very real. Your body is trying to tell you something and you should start to heed its warnings.

And for those of you whose bicycles are doing nothing more than collect dust in the garage because you find using them too uncomfortable: if there was an affordable solution to this discomfort wouldn’t you prefer to ditch the car once and a while in favour of one of the best forms of exercise there is?

Amazing isn’t it. With all the engineering sophistication that goes into today’s bicycles, whether they be road going racers or off-road mountain bikes, perineal (that’s the ‘crotch’) discomfort has yet to be seriously remedied……. until now, that is!

Note: this is the seat I have been riding for years now and I love it.

14. Brooks England Carved Saddle []

brooksThe B17 Imperial features the central cut-out, first designed by BROOKS over 100 years ago. The “registered cutting”, as can be read in the 1890 catalogue, is “a sure preventive to all perineal pressure”.

Brooks cambium is a range of saddles made from vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton canvas enhanced by a thin layer of structural textile for added resilience and legendary brooks longevity. The uniquely flexible, maintenance-free, waterproof top is designed to follow the rider’s movements to deliver immediate comfort and ease of use. The c17 carved is made from the same vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton canvas as use for the c17, with an added cutout section to the top, which alleviates pressure in the perineal region experienced by some long distance cyclists, supporting comfort on longer rides. The additional flexibility absorbs bumps and vibrations from the road, functioning much in the way of a shock absorbing seat post.

15. Serfas []

serfasWhen you think of Serfas, a large range of high quality saddles for every rider is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. This heritage of quality is founded in our revolutionary innovations, such as; RX & Deep Groove designs, Dual Density base technology and our Patented I.C.S. Infinite Comfort System, to name but a few. Serfas offers a 90-Day Comfort Guarantee on all saddles, because we are confident that whichever saddle you choose you will have a comfortable riding experience that you can enjoy day after day.

Patented Dual Density Base. ICS Technology for supported comfort. RX Cut out eliminates all numbness associated with prolonged cycling. Available in Lycra or waterproof microfiber cover

16. Women’s Oura Pro

women oura proWomen’s Body Geometry cutout is medically designed and tested to reduce soft tissue pressure. Stiff, carbon-reinforced shell features women’s tuning for all-day riding efficiency. Super-light padding for comfort and support on longer rides. Ultra-light and strong, oversized FACT™ carbon rails. Tough, lightweight, water resistant Micromatrix™ cover. Level 2 padding: Medium density foam for bike feel with additional cushioning. SWAT compatible mounts molded into the saddle base allow for sleek and integrated storage solutions.

More Important Insights

Ergonomic Bike Seats And Practical Pointers That Could Save Your Sex LifeMake sure you get your own copy of  Don’t Let Your Bike Seat Ruin Your Sex Life – Ergonomic Bike Seats And Practical Pointers That Could Save Your Sex Life today for in-depth information on this subject. It’s not a rocket a science, you simply need to know what’s good for you and what’s not and why it is so. I figured it out and so can you.

If you know people who are cyclists, including those who exercise on indoor stationary bikes, please share this information with them. This simple but crucial information should come bundled with every bike sold!

If you are interested in the specific scientific details I studied to write this book please see: Good and Bad Bike Seats – Scientific Studies on Cycling-Related Sexual Dysfunctions.

If you know of other ergonomic bike seats please share the information about those in the comments section. Thank you.

    Was my sharing valuable to you? If you feel inspired please contribute what it was worth to you.

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4 Responses to “Good and Bad Bike Seats – How To Find a Sex-friendly Bike-Seat Today”

  1. Dennis says:

    By design, we have included both women and men in our design paramaters. Our results are very well vetted. See our site

  2. tom burt says:

    There are so many options here, how is it possible to determine the best performance except by trial and error?

    • stas says:

      How do you choose a favorite chocolate type, or laptop or a phone, or anything else that you’d like to buy and there are many different choices?

      You first check what’s available and affordable to you, then you try to see if you could try it (friends, neighbors, local shop, local fan groups), then you buy it. Most shops these days have a return policy if it doesn’t serve your needs.

      While it’s relatively easy to “compute” best when we talk about external things which do not come in contact with our body (phone, computer, etc.), it’s very different with products that need to fit our unique bodies. Therefore I can tell you what seat I like, but your body is very likely to be different from mine and not fit you as well.

      Usage pattern is yet another differentiator.

      Plus I haven’t tried all of the seats as I quickly stumbled on a seat that served my needs, while it’s possible that there is a better seat out there. If I get a chance to try another seat and I find it better and I can afford it I’d definitely buy it.

      So this is the state of the world, with too many choices and too little time and money to try them all.

      The bottom line – we, the cyclists of this decade, are lucky to have all these different bike seats that try to cater to our health, since it wasn’t the case in the past. And I trust that you will be able to find the best possible seat that will suit your needs, Tom.

  3. j says:

    I have lichen sclerosis and dont want to give up riding. I am torn between easy seat, spongy wonder and spiderflex. Any women with LS know which might be best?

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