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Cosmodic VX735AgWhile researching modern electro-magnetic medicine technologies I stumbled upon a biofeedback technology called SCENAR, which stands for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator. This technology originates from Russia’s cold war years and was a secret until Perestroyka came and at which point it was declassified and became available to the mere mortals.

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Introduction to SCENAR

The technology was originally developed for the Russian Space Program to help cosmonauts maintain their health while in space. From my reading it appears that it is not being used by their cosmonauts these days but many health facilities and multiple private individuals deploy this technology daily with a great success.

SCENAR is reported to be one of the most effective complementary therapies, with success reports ranging from simple injuries and pains to difficult neurological problems. It not only deals quickly with fresh injuries and acute pain, it helps resolve chronic issues where nothing else seems to work. SCENAR has been used successfully in the treatment of: Cardiovascular System, Dental Diseases, Endocrine System, Gastrointestinal System, Immune System, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Nervous System, Respiratory System and Urogenital System.

During a SCENAR session, the recipient feels only a gentle tingle and/or stroking sensation, as the device is moved over the spine, abdomen, infected area or other relevant portions of the bare skin. The SCENAR’s signals changes in response to body changes, thus preventing adaptation or habituation.

In a few words this is a very advanced biofeedback technology that has been polished for the last 40+ years, which interacts directly with the patient’s brain and activates their body’s healing mechanisms. The most recent generation of this technology called COSMODIC can even help body regenerate tissues and organs, and it accomplishes it rather fast. It can be used with great efficacy by medical professionals and lay persons. Some devices are more suitable for professionals and have more manual override modes, others have been designed to be almost fully automatic so that even a child or an elderly person could figure out how to use.

As of this writing there are not too many SCENAR practitioners out there, so unless you’re lucky and find one in your vicinity you may need to acquire one of the devices. Luckily most of these devices have been designed to be easily used by the uninitiated.

As with most technologies these days, there is a lot of competition, copy-cats, disputes, litigation, confusing names of the products, forums full of flame wars, which doesn’t help the customer to make educated choices. Each manufacturer says that their product is the one true SCENAR and the competitors are just pretending that they have the right technology and they don’t. So it’s very difficult to get an understanding of what’s going on and receive an unbiased representation of the state of things. Since I spent many hours reading all possible forums and websites I could find on the subject, both in English and Russian, the following is a summary of my research, so that you won’t have to do it all over again. I’m not selling any of the devices and at the time of this writing I don’t even own one yet, so I will do my best to present an unbiased view of SCENAR world. I will post updates as I gain my own first hand experience with SCENAR devices.

There are many competing brands, most of which provide only SCENAR technology and only one supports COSMODIC. Some of these enterprises are lead by scientists from the original development team, others were reverse-engineered. It’s difficult to tell whether the devices created through reverse-engineering are as good as the ones created by the original developers, but reading various forums it’s clear that they all work well, so even the cheaper rip-offs have been often reported as fixing various ailments and being rather good at it, either because the technology works even if it’s not refined, or because there is a strong placebo effect or both — the fact is the majority of the SCENAR technology users report a significant improvement of their prior condition.

Bird’s View on the SCENAR Kingdom

The philosophy of Scenar Therapy was created by Dr. Gorfinkel and Dr. Revenko. The authors of various Scenar patents are Dr. Karasev, Dr. Revenko, Dr. Kibirev, Dr. Zaharevich, Dr. Nechushkin and Dr. Zenkin. The two true original branches of Scenar were created by Dr. Karasev and Dr. Revenko, the rest of devices are mostly licensed or unlicensed derivatives and/or copy-cats. Apparently some devices that claim to be of the SCENAR family are actually not such, and provide only very basic TENS-like functionality.

Here is the current state of affairs in the SCENAR world:

SCENAR-only devices:

CompanyFounderProductsPrice Range in USD
AcuScen (defunct)Dr. AvagyanAcuscen Pro+, Acuscen Premium, Acuscen Auto$1,000 – $2,300
AvvazziaTim SmithBEST-Pro1, BEST-RSI, Pro Sport$1,000 – $3,800
DENAS MSA. RyavkinDenas, Denas-Vertebra, DiaDens-Cardio, DiaDens-Cosmo, DiaDens-PC, DiaDens-PCM, DiaDens-T, Lados$300 – $3,000
Enlightened TherapiesPaul & Colleen KeetleyENAR Personal, SCENAR Expert Pro$1,000 – $5,000
Fenzian LimitedDr. ColthurstFenzian Treatment System[bankrupt]
InvetSergey SolomkoENART 801, 907, 911, Prologue-02$1,000 – $3,000
MyoScenDr. KarasevSCENAR 035M (aka DOVE)$2,000
Neuro Resource GroupZulia FrostInterX Sport, InterX 900, InterX 1000, InterX 5002, Professional Sport$1,200 – $4,000
OKB-RITM ZaoDr. RevenkoSCENAR 97.7, SCENAR (Sport, Sport D, Pro, Pro Plus), SCENAR-NT (01,02,03), SCENAR-DE$250 – $5,100
Ritmedic Jan De JongPersonal RitmScenar, Professional RitmScenar$750 – $3200
REMAA. GurovProlog 02 Series (Prologue 02)$550 – $2,500
Senergy Medical GroupDr. TennantBioModulator Plus, BioModulator Pro$2,700 – $5,500


CompanyFounderProductsPrice Range in USD
LET Medical LaboratoriesDr. KarasevEX715Ag, EX735Ag, PS705 Mini (C-Dove), PS705Ag, PS705Ag Mini, VX735Ag, ENS$1,200 – $8,000


  1. In the first column each company name is linked to their respective website (if they have one).
  2. In the last column I included the approximate prices which I found online. Most vendors hide the price and you have to contact a whole bunch of them to find out the price. Some manufacturers enforce fixed prices across all distributors, others allow prices to vary. Most manufacturers don’t sell the devices directly to consumers. Prices for the same device may vary wildly from one country to another.

Other SCENAR or SCENAR-like devices that weren’t listed above include:

  • Auto-SCENAR – Netherlands-made based on OKB RITM license
  • SpaceHealer – HK-made RITM clone, sold in NZ
  • DermaKey – Germany-made

Note to manufacturers: I only have access to two of the SCENAR products that I purchased myself and you can see from the comments people ask me questions about devices that I have no access to, so if you’d like me to review your SCENAR device please contact me to arrange a delivery of a sample.

COSMODIC Technology

SCENAR works by stimulating the immune system and assisting the body to heal more rapidly and it does it well. After SCENAR technology has been around for 20 years, Dr. Karasev invented a new technology called COSMODIC, for improved healing with complex issues and chronic conditions. It tries to mimic body’s own physiological signals, which are much more subtle yet have a more profound effect. This technology operates at the cellular level, and therefore can restore cells to their normal functionality, which leads to cellular regeneration, and in advanced cases triggering stem cells to regenerate damaged tissues.

Comparatively to SCENAR, COSMODIC is fully automated and under the default auto-pilot mode the user just needs to touch the device to their skin and the treatment will commence on its own and complete when the required dosage has been delivered. While having the knowledge of the body is always helpful for one working to heal, no formal training is required to operate this technology.

This technology has been under an active development and new improvements are released all the time.

As of this writing only devices made by LET Medical Laboratories provide the COSMODIC functionality.

Further there are passive and active versions of the technology. Most devices are passive, which means that the signal is continually adjusted until the right location is reached (think many strokes to get the golf ball into the hole and the ball can’t be controlled while it’s moving). And then there is the active version, where the subsequent signal is created based on a more complicated extrapolation of all the previous signals and body responses (think the same game of golf except the golfer carries the ball in hand rather than hitting it, but this time the ball is heavy so he needs to take several breaks before reaching the pit, so it will still take a few iterations but it’ll be much more efficient time-wise – i.e. much faster healing). The EX735Ag model is only one as of this writing that implements the active mode.

Current COSMODIC models are:

PS705 Mini (aka C-Dove) (2006) is used primary as a first aid device, and is not suitable for long term treatments. It’s the cheapest model, though quite effective at the same time.Cosmodic

VX735Ag (2002) is a professional and not fully automatic device (you need to set the action modes and energy manually). It primarily uses SCENAR stimulation and secondary COSMODIC regeneration.

Scenar 035M (MyoScen) (aka Dove)

Scenar 035M (MyoScen) (aka DOVE) (2006). it is not a successor of any previous device. Output stage is like it was in ENS-03 but upgraded. It’s very good when working with acute injuries and is very simple to use. It got upgraded in 2012.

Cosmodic VX735AgEX735Ag supersedes VX735Ag and unites two most efficient technologies SCENARand COSMODIC, providing automatic switching of the two technologies based on which the body needs at the moment. This makes it much easier to use even by a non-experienced person. There have been four iterations of this model so far:

  1. EX735Ag (2007) was the first generation
  2. EX735Ag Modific (2009) – faster regeneration effects
  3. EX735Ag Modific Slider (2011) – acting impluse automatically “slides” between Scenar & Cosmodic
  4. EX735Ag Slider x2 (2013) – give the body exactly what it “asks” for

EX735Ag Slider x2 come with variations of standard vs. wide electrodes, and then basic vs. advanced functionality.

As of this writing EX735Ag Slider x2 is the fastest, most powerful and most expensive model.

[update: in 2016 a new device ENS has been released by LET Medical. I don’t have access to one at this moment, so I can’t comment on it]

Cosmodic EX715AgEX715Ag (2005) and PS705Ag (2007) models use only the COSMODIC technology, and were created as a compromise to provide a more affordable solution for those who can’t afford EX735Ag. These models are also useful as a second device to have around in your medical toolkit. EX715Ag has more functions over the PS705Ag model. PS705Ag Mini (2009) is the miniature yet very powerful version which uses permanent magnetic electrodes and is better suitable for traveller’s needs.

If you have to choose between SCENAR and COSMODIC, the latter would be a better choice, since it is efficient in treatment of wider range of conditions than SCENAR. The best results are reached when both technologies are used.

Model names ending with Ag are the ones with pure silver electrodes, without Ag ending – stainless steel electrodes are used. Gold electrodes are available on demand.

LET Medical Laboratories website lists only a handful of distributors around the world and prices on the devices are relatively fixed, you might get a slight discount here and there, but not much. I was able to reach only 5 official distributors listed on their website when I was inquiring about prices. I was told that there are many more distributors who aren’t listed on LET Medical Laboratories’ website. I think a lot of the devices are sold via practitioners who recommend the product directly to their clients.

How Does SCENAR Therapy Feel?

SCENAR therapy is non-invasive, non-damaging, and non-addictive. The device is touched to the skin and the electric signal it emits is felt like a gentle tingling. Problematic areas of the body may feel slightly more sensitive, but still gentle.

SCENAR Therapy Side-Effects and Contraindications

There should be no side-effects, other than possible fatigue if one overdoes the therapy – body needs time to do its restorative process, so one shouldn’t rush the process. Since the impulses sent by the device are similar to the body’s own impulses, these are quite safe, even for children.

It’s not recommended to use SCENAR devices with:

  • Pregnancy (some sites say ok, some not)
  • Cardiac Pacemaker and other electrical implants
  • Cardiac fibrillation
  • Individual intolerance (in few users)
  • Alcohol intoxication
  • Serious psychiatric disorders
  • Acute infectious diseases of unknown origin (at the site of infection)

How Many SCENAR Treatments Will I Need?

It depends on the severity of the condition and how long it has been present. A lot of people get a huge improvement after just one treatment, and for acute problems usually disappear in 2-3 sessions. Difficult chronic conditions could take up to 10 treatments, after which if the condition is still there the overall state is usually much improved. Treatments can be given every few days, but not too too often since the body needs time to do the healing before it’s ready for more input.

Most treatments are about 30-60 minutes.

Any other therapies can be combined with SCENAR treatments.

SCENAR Testimonials

Reading various SCENAR forums surprisingly I mainly found very positive testimonials. The few “didn’t-work-for-me” posts were made by those who used questionable copy-cat devices. Here are a few samples of positive feedback that I found online:

I am a golf player, but due to my condition I had been unable to play golf for two years. I had severe back pain, constant stiffness and I was unable to move my neck. I decided to have Scenar treatment in combination with acupuncture. Even though I had only one treatment a week, within five weeks I had no pain in my back, all my symptoms have disappeared and now I am back playing golf! — Mr B. P.

I had pain in my right thigh and right heel and I had had it for a quite long time. I also had stiff back and periodically pain in my back. For six months I had tried everything, the pain was still there. After the first Scenar treatment I had a great improvement in my condition and then I had another three treatments the following week with the Scenar and the pain completely went, there is still some stiffness in my back and I am carrying on the treatment course. –Mrs. G.L.

I was diagnosed five years ago with a rare condition – focal dystonia, where my arm continuously moved without control, and would lock at the front. I was unable to write, or drive and to do everyday movements. I travelled around the world trying to find a cure for my condition. I was told there is no known cure. From my acupuncturist I heard about Scenar treatment. We had an intensive course of treatment over a couple of months. We have made steady, but significant progress. I can drive again and I recently started writing again. My arm is less prone to involuntary locking. At the moment I am continuing with my treatment, I believe it is just a little way to go. –Mr N. H.

Which SCENAR Device To Buy?

It’s so difficult to make choices these days, and choosing a SCENAR device is double so, since you first need to choose one of the many manufacturers, and then choose one of the many models each provides.

Based on my readings it appears that all SCENAR devices work well, just some are better than the others, so this is very helpful to know. And it appears that unbiased experts recommend LET Medical Laboratories devices especially the ones combining SCENAR and COSMODIC technologies in one device. AcuScen Pro (no longer manufactured) and RITM devices subjectively appear to be on the second place, and the rest of the devices in third place. Now I could be completely wrong here, since I’m only giving this suggestion based on the hundreds of websites and forum posts that I’ve sifted through to compile this information.

Ideally if you’re very rich you could buy all of the devices, try them all and then let us all know your experience of each. But for most of us it’d be buying just one device. Wellness practitioners may purchase more than one device, often different from each other so that they could accomplish different tasks at the same time.

Also don’t forget the second hand markets, ebay, craigslist, etc. You might be able to find a relatively new device for as little as half price of the new device.

Remember that if you are buying SCENAR for your personal use — you could share a single device between several friends or families and thus save more.

I’d also recommend to check the prices with vendors in Russia — during my research I found some SCENAR devices  sold in Canada are 3 times more expensive than their price in Russia. Except it’s more complicated to buy directly from Russia, as they won’t accept your credit card and if things go wrong who knows what will happen to your hard earned money.

Some of the products can be reimbursed by your insurance company as they are prescription devices and approved by FDA and other regulatory bodies around the world for pain relief and pain management.

If you’re trying to choose between a professional model versus personal (or semi-professional) model you need to know that while the SCENAR signal is usually the same – professional models typically come with assessment/diagnostics features, and could be significantly faster at their tasks. The professional models often have a lot more settings and options. This may or may not mean that the learning curve might be significantly higher and may require a dedicated onsite training.  Some professional models can be successfully deployed with little training. Personal (home) models are typically designed for simplicity and require little learning — you should still be able to accomplish very good results with basic models. Sometimes less is more.

Ultimately what makes the real difference is not the device you buy, but knowing how to use it properly. Therefore make sure that when you get the device you get access to an indepth training. Sometimes a pre-recorded group training on video does the trick, but ideally you will want to participate in such a training in person. Good manuals are important, but can’t substitute for a first hand experience of learning from an expert. Being able to ask questions and to receive insightful answers can be of a paramount importance.

If you are a practitioner you may want to consider buying the latest revision of the device — I read reports where the healing process was almost twice as fast by just getting a newer version of the same SCENAR model — i.e. you could treat more customers during the same period of time so you’d recoup your investment faster.

One more thing to consider if you’re a SCENAR practitioner is to make sure that the device you’re about to buy is certified for use in your country and if you have an indemnity insurance make sure it’ll cover the usage of that particular model of the device. (e.g. if you practice in Europe the device needs to have a CE-certification).

If you have a choice of materials the electrodes are made of– it’s the best to go for pure silver electrodes since they provide additional healing effects since silver is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and styptic effects. If you’re buying a device for cosmetic purposes and can afford it then gold electrodes would be of the best choice. Of course the price of either pure silver or gold electrodes would make the total purchase much more expensive.

If you find it very difficult to make your own choice I’d recommend to find a SCENAR practitioner in your area, go for a session, see how it feels and talk to the practitioner and ask for their recommendations.

In this synthesis I gave you the map of the SCENAR kingdom, revealing to you what’s available on the menu, who are the experts, what are the price ranges. Now all is remaining is for you to look at the respective sites, make your choice, purchase the device, get well and help those around you to get well as well.

In a private correspondence (from mar 2017) Alexander Karasev said:

All the LET Medical devices listed in this article without exception came from my first mass produced device SCENAR-035. Most of them have a relatively similar effectivity. I like all of them as they support my idea of healing the world.

I recommend to all PS705Ag. It’s a reliable and sufficiently effective device. The price of $700 is low, considering it has silver electrodes. Its function is sufficient for any common illnesses. Higher investments into this technology should be done with caution. Powerful devices are needed only infrequently. Raising the effectivity by 10%, the price goes up 300%.

We have many refurbished devices of older models and we can help those who are on a low budget and have an urgent need to heal. Prices for those are 50%-off.

Note: Please do not contact me asking which device for you to buy. I haven’t tried all the devices, so unfortunately I can’t give you even my subjective opinion. All I know is already laid out in this article and I will keep updating it as I learn new things about various devices.

Attachments for SCENAR Devices

Most SCENAR devices support various attachments, that usually include hair combs, pointy pens, rectal and vaginal probes, shoes, socks, gloves, etc.

Pen Electrode Attachment

Pen Electrode
Small area electrode Attachment

Small area electrode
Hair Electrode Attachment

Hair Electrode
Small Y shape electrode for facial treatments

Small Y-shape electrode for facial treatments

Y shape electrode for spinal column Attachment

Large Y-shape electrode – for spinal column & larger muscles
There are many more attachments available — these are just a few examples.

Some of these attachments can be used with most SCENAR devices, others work only with the device they were designed for.

Professional SCENAR Associations

If you’re lucky and the practitioner you plan to visit has one of the very advanced SCENAR devices with “auto-pilot” it probably matters less who the practitioner is. And besides there are many excellent practitioners out there who are mavericks and don’t want to belong to any organizations. If it makes it for a better experience for you to work with someone belonging to a professional association, here is the list of professional SCENAR Associations:

  • SCENAR Therapist Association Australasia Inc. — Australia and New Zealand
  • SCENAR Practitioners Society of Ireland
  • SCENAR Association of Bulgaria
  • SCENAR Professional Association of North America (broken site as of this writing:
  • International SCENAR Technology Association (defunct)
  • SCENAR Therapists Association for North America and Europe (defunct)

Several associations disappeared circa 2010 with the economy downturn.

SCENAR Practitioner Directories

If you’re looking to find a practitioner in your area you can refer to the following directories or use the search engines with keywords: SCENAR YOURCITYNAME or something similar.

Discussion Forums on SCENAR Technology

I couldn’t find any active public forums dedicated specifically to SCENAR technology for English-speakers. There existed quite a few in the past but they all went quiet around 2009. There are still active Russian forums.

Here are some forums that can still be read:

There are also several private forums accessible only after one takes a SCENAR training with the provider of the forum.

Forums in Russian:

  • (OKB-RITM)

Free Self-Learning Resources

Similarly to the sad state of the discussion forums, there are very few online resources where you could learn about SCENAR and COSMODIC by yourself. Most sites are either practitioners or resellers with a good article posted here and there, but not much to really list here.

One site stands apart and this is Dr. Irina Kossovskaia’s where you can find many free articles and audio/video recordings of various teleseminars and workshops. While you can buy full recordings of various trainings on that site, there are many very useful free resources as well. This is actually very rare that someone would put out so much free information out there in a very accessible way. I was very surprised to have discovered her site. This site links to a few other sites created by Dr. Irina Kossovskaia where you can find even more information on SCENAR and related technologies Dr. Irina recommends. Dr. Irina was the one who introduced the technology of SCENAR in North America and has been constantly refining the perfect combination of technology and wisdom to help lay persons be in charge of their health. I wish other trainers were as generous in sharing their knowledge as Dr. Irina is. Thank you, Dr. Irina!

Other than the available books on SCENAR which you can find at the end of this article, several companies and individuals provide training in SCENAR and COSMODIC technology. Some provide pre-recorded trainings that you can purchase as DVDs or watch online. Others do only live group training in person or as a webinar. For the latter you need to travel to where the training happens and spend extra $$ on travel and lodging, but nothing beats having an expert work with you hands on in person.

Here are a few suggestions to start from:

For more training offerings search on google while adding your locale to the search parameters.

SCENAR Timeline

The following major technological milestones were reaching in the last 40 years in Russia. All three use electric current to provide medication-free treatments:

  • 1973: TENS: provide short term pain relief.
  • 1976: SCENAR: restore body to its normal function
  • 1998: COSMODIC: restore body at the cellular level

Here is an attempt to make a chronological timeline of various events in the history of the SCENAR industry based on the data on various SCENAR-dedicated websites:


So it all started in 1973 when Dr. Karasev invented a TENS machine, which stands for “Transcutaneous Electro-Neuro-Stimulation”. Such machine generates an electric current to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. TENS helps to manage the pain, both acute and chronic, but provides only a short-term relief. You can buy a basic model today for as little as $20.


SCENAR ENS 01The next development was to discover a way to communicate with the brain and adapt the electric current based on the response of the body to the initially applied current, using the biofeedback principle. This development gave birth to the first SCENAR device: ENS-01.


RITM OKB ZAO registered the first patent of the SCENAR®.


SCENAR 035Alexander Karasev continues to improve his technology and the first device that was introduced to the Russian population when the technology was declassified was SCENAR-035, which he described as:

“The SCENAR works by making the body’s own immune system operate more efficiently. Technically it is a very complicated device which sends electronic impulses via the skin to the brain but it was designed to be used by anybody without any special medical training. You just hold it over the affected area or organ and it sends an amplified signal to the brain. This causes the brain to trigger the body’s immune system, and, hey presto, after only a few minutes of treatment, the patient starts feeling much better.”

According to Alexander Karasev, all the current devices released by LET Medical are derivatives of  SCENAR-035.


Sergey Solomko founds INVET, which created SCENAR devices ENART 800- and 900-series. ENART stands for Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Receptor Therapy.


A. Gurov creates a Belorussian company REMA which patents Prologue-02 based on ENS-03. The latest revisions were done in 2009.


RTS ART is set up and now trades as Denas MS producing the Denas (based on SCENAR-032 PROTON) and DiaDens. DENAS stands for a Dual-Range Electric Neuro-Adaptive Stimulator. DiaDENS (Diagnostic Dynamic Electro Neuro Stimulation) is the latest line of products. There was also ZooDENS for animals, but it is now discontinued.

Unlike all other SCENAR manufacturers who sell their products through distributors, DENAS MS created a huge marketing machine by using the Multi-Level Marketing scheme (MLM) and combined with cheaper prices and constant discounted “sales” it appears that they sell a lot more SCENAR devices than any other SCENAR manufacturer. It’s hard of course to make an objective comparison of quantities sold. The company is not shy competing with its MLM distributors and sells their products from their website directly to consumer. Their website suggests that their devices are significantly cheaper than their competitors’ due to the mass production capacity, which the latter don’t possess.

SCENAR 97.41997

Dr. Revenko spins off his own company which he calls OKB-RITM and releases SCENAR 90.0 followed by the 97.4 and 97.5 with computer interface.


Dr. Karasev invents the COSMODIC technology. Releases the first COSMODIC device 705 in 2002.


Jan De Jong establishes RITMEDIC (original name: Intermediate Services) in Holland. In 2004 the company releases Personal RitmScenar and Professional RitmScenar devices using OKB-RITM ZAO License with modifications to hardware settings and interface for the Western markets.


Dr. Colthurst (UK) creates a digital version of SCENAR technology and called it Fenzian Treatment System. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

RITM OKB ZAO signs a license agreement with a Chinese company PERVADE WAVE CO Ltd to manufacture CHANS-01-SCENAR, which was re-branded as ENAR. The license was revoked in 2002, as the license fees were paid but PERVADE WAVE CO Ltd continued manufacturing and selling ENAR in Australia via Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd. No legal action was taken by RITM.


Acuscen ProDr. Avagyan makes his own technology branch and develops a device called AcuScen. Dr.  Teppone participated in the creation of this device. Latest products include Acuscen Pro+, Acuscen Premium and Acuscen Auto. Dr. Avagyan passed on in 2011 and his company doesn’t exist anymore.


Tim Smith founds Avazzia, which started manufacturing BEST (Biofeedback Electro-Stimulation Technology) devices.

Zulia Frost founds Neuro Resource Group which created the InterX line of SCENAR products.


Tennant BiomodulatorDr. Tennant introduces the Tennant Biomodulator. In his book called Healing is Voltage Dr. Tennant explains his theory about why our bodies get disease and what to do about it. Jerry Tennat suggests that the SCENAR technology gets energy to the cells, using the acupuncture meridians, at a frequency that they can receive, and in the process changes the pH of the cells. With adequate energy, the body is able to make new cells that are healthier, and to overcome a healing crisis. He was first using the existing SCENAR devices in his practice but recently he created a line of SCENAR products of his own that he called BioModulator (Plus and Pro), with various additions to the underlying SCENAR technology. The unique proposition of his technology is that it can measure and increase the electric voltage and the pH value of the cells.

Dr. Tennant’s BioModulator is manufactured by Avazzia, which also sells SCENAR devices, which at least on the outside look identical to Tennant’s BioModulator.


Company MyoScen in Voronezh creates a new device called SCENAR 035M (aka The DOVE = Device Organizing Vital Energy). It was designed by Dr. Karasev, but is not being manufactured by LET Medical. It is not a successor of any previous device. DOVE got updated in 2012.


Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation restores the trademark “SCENAR” to RITM OKB ZAO.

LET MEDICAL has a more detailed history of its own devices.


  •  InterX 5000 is the same as SCENAR 97.4+


It is very discouraging to see that there are no active forums about SCENAR technologies, as it’s a clear indication that there aren’t many SCENAR owners out there, yet as one of the distributors explained to me that it’s the bad economy’s fault which hit this industry very hard as most of its high level devices are quite expensive.

So the technology is fantastic but the top quality ones are not very affordable at the moment. However there are several devices in the $300-500 range, and if you buy second hand, it’s even cheaper.

Of course this could be a misleading conclusion since in a long term if a large upfront investment rids one of the many ailments at no extra cost, this could mean not only mental and emotional “savings”, but a real monetary savings if one were to sum up how much money one spends on doctors, medicine, missed opportunities, etc.

I’m in the process of acquiring my first SCENAR device and I will update this write up once I gain a first hand experience with it at my own healing.


The following books talk about the SCENAR technology and other Electric and Electromagnetic Healing Technologies:

    Was my sharing valuable to you? If you feel inspired please contribute what it was worth to you.

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    I’d spent a long while looking at other things I could do in addition to remedial massage, which led me to find the Scenar family. I didn’t do as much research as you – as back then, the price-tag put me right off…

    Then, about a year later (about Mar 2014) a colleagues relative brought her scenar device into the clinic I work at sometimes, and I managed to have a short 5 minute session with her, just to ‘experience it’.

    I bought the most basic model the next day, after a day of revisiting the research..!

    It definitely DOES do something….and I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing. Being me, I totally over did it on my shoulder that first evening, and being a massage therapist who does very deep, heavy long sessions of Remedial Massage, I can say it felt like I’d had a massage massage session on my own shoulder. I’ve never done that much again. :-))

    But today, I was investigating this Cosmodic aspect…and trying to find exactly what it does, and exactly how it works… Like you saw, it’s really expensive, but – what I can’t escape is the ‘what if it reallllllly works amazingly well!?!?!?!?!?’

    Do I ‘try’ the Dove? Or – break the bank, and get the Omega-Prime version for $US8k???

    ….I wonder, it’s a few months on now – which one did you get in the end? How did you find it? :)


    • stas says:

      Hi Danny,

      I got myself the latest ex735ag slider x2 and loving it, I’ve had it for 3 months by now and it definitely works – very quick for acute things and has been helping a lot to improve chronic issues. And yes, it’s very expensive but so far I’m happy with the investment. Most of the time I use the auto-scenar-cosmodic mode and only adjust the energy level depending on where on the body it’s being used. The only real drawback with LET Medical is that it’s difficult to get support and it comes with bare minimum documentation. I think their intention is to have a magical device that just works and there should be no questions in first place…

      I also bought AcuScen Pro+ for my dad who practices TCM and SuJok and he loves it. He calls it a replacement for acupuncture for those who can’t stand needles. As the AcuScen line is no longer manufactured one can get a new device for about half price of its usual price. This one costed me only US$1600. It has only the SCENAR functionality. I haven’t used it myself yet, so I can’t give you a first hand experience feedback.

      I know it can be very tricky to choose which one to go with.

      • Danny says:

        Hey Stas,

        Thanks for the reply – I’m glad it’s going good for you!!

        Out of interest, did you have the opportunity to try the 1st Gen, “Scenar” only device, as a comparison?

        Are you just using it for you, or do you provide a service to others using it to (or just friends even!! :-)

        (I reckon you’re right about the lack of documentation too – it is supposed to just work, right?)

        D. :-)

    • Diane says:

      Hi Danny,

      I took the “what if Cosmodic reallllly works…” chance after using a Denas PCM3 for about a year. I can’t compare LET Medical 1st-generation scenar because I haven’t had a chance to use it. The Denas IS effective for acute situations. We still use it for this (acute pain, injuries, insect bites…).

      I am not a practitioner, and our biggest challenges are chronic. That is why we invested in the Cosmodic PS705Ag that, I understand from Dr Irina Kossovskaia’s office, has the same technology as the bigger professional models, without all the digital controls that are helpful to the practitioner.

      The Cosmodic difference is incredible! Denas was helping me manage and suffer less through my chronic problems, Cosmodic is reviving my system. Exponential change.

      Now we have that Cosmodic exponential change exponentially expanded by adding Soft Laser. We use simultaneously Cosmodic/Scenar treatments with Soft (also called cold) Laser, treating complementary areas at the same time — such as:
      **the area of concern and its corresponding vertebra, **the area of concern and its symmetrical areas on the body,
      **the area of concern and a chakra or acupuncture meridian,
      **two somehow-related areas of pain, etc.

      I finally found a used (unfortunately recently discontinued) Q1000 soft laser that we could afford. It is quite obvious that, as Dr Irina explains, the laser enhances the ability of the body to be transformed by Cosmodic/Scenar. There perhaps are comparable lasers out there, but Dr Irina, who is Scenar-central for me, isn’t recommending any other lasers yet….

      Here is a comparison chart (from a company that used to sell Q1000 and now offer a different brand) that might be helpful

      All that said, if your main practice is for muscle and injury work, you may want to focus on Scenar. BTW I finally found where Dr Irina explains that while the Dove is NOT Cosmodic, “The DOVE scenar is the ONLY

  2. Hi , great write up

    I have a 1998 RITM Scenar Professional, all I can say is that its bullet proof and testimony to paying a little more , I had some problems with mine and its was fixed locally in Australia super quick and although I used mine for some time from watching Youtube Vids etc , I must say along with some valuable training from NS Health in Sydney its even more useful.

    Mine goes everywhere with me, I have a few tech devices but this one is the swiss army knife thats always in my bag. They are older now but well worth the $1000-2000 in the second hand market .

    I would love to try a Cosmodic but haven’t had the opportunity.

    To share a personal story , I also hurt my back and could hardly walk, I had an event to host in Sydney and drove 700kms in the car with some pads tucked down the back of my jeans. I used the scenar in a very generic way and run it for a few hours during my drive , thats night I unloaded my trailer with 1000kgs of instruments and reloaded , of course i was a little sore , but testimony to Scenar , I was able to do it .

    I also have a Tenant Biomodulator and honestly, its super simple to use and in some cases maybe gets a quicker result. Tenant makes it easy and I love his books and trainings.

    My only other comment is the big price tag on the professional devices is that is a long journey of payback and really you do need two devices in a clinic incase of failures , although they are very rare. The scenar pro in my own opinion should be in every households medicine cabinet…



  3. jackie says:

    I just want to thank you for sharing all of this information.

  4. s.ashok kumar says:

    i want to buy one device which will give long lasting and quick results too.please tell me which is best of these two.
    first one is having scanar as well as cosmodic tehcnology where as second one is purely cosmodic.
    as per your knowledge which is best for me.
    i am a lay man in this technology.
    thank you,
    s.ashok kumar

    • stas says:

      I always use the combined SCENAR/Cosmodic mode, so I can’t really recommend one over the other, the recommendation of the device is to use the combined mode as it has the smarts to pick the right combination for the right issue.

      So the only thing I can share is that based on the documentation SCENAR is better for quickly removing pain, COSMODIC is better at removing the cause of the problem, except it’s taking longer.

      I hope this helps.

  5. StaceyC says:

    Thank you for this thorough overview – I have been muddling through the scanty information trying to make an informed decision as whether to buy a device, and if so what to buy. From what I have read you did a great job of making what is available online concise and easier to digest.

    I have had chronic right sided back pain for 10+ years and tried a local practitioner’s older Tenant bio-modulator for one day (actually slept with it on) and it helped – after I took it off I was totally amazed that I had almost no pain for aprox 24 hours – but then the pain came back. It was super easy to use so I dove into trying to find out about the technology. After researching the Tenant bio-modulator seems technologically basic in comparison to the newer product by Russian companies – and may not even operate with actual scenar technology (there does seem to be some controversy with the Tenant products and the Russian companies).

    I too came to the conclusion that it made the most sense to buy a product that was developed in Russia – where the technology was founded – and that the x735ag slider x2 seems to be the most advanced product I can find.

    I am now seriously considering buying it – but have concerns with regard to instruction, future updates, repairs and warranties – especially when making an almost $10,000 investment when you bundle it with accessories and english training dvd’s. I did find out that there are “extra frequencies” that are not turned on in the x735ag slider x2 unless you pay an additional $1000 – and several companies do not even make this information clear. Not sure if you bought one with the extra frequencies turned on which some vendors are calling a “licensed product”.

    This product seems to have far reaching potential for other disease and aliments like digestive, respiratory etc. – have you tried it for any issues other than pain with any success? May I ask where you purchased your unit? If I may ask – how frequently are you doing treatments?

    Again, thanks for taking the time to put all of the information together – very helpful!

    • stas says:

      I bought just the device and the anal electrode for internal work. I haven’t tried non-pain treatments yet, and I was away from the device for quite some time while I was traveling, so I’m now catching up with its work. I will update the article as I learn more about it.

      Personally I often break the rules and treat myself for more than 1.5h/day, which often results in me feeling exhausted on certain days, so now I’m trying to be more patient about it, and from what I understand more is not really helpful as the body needs the time to act on the stimulation and that could take 3-5 days. It’s just very tempting to keep on prodding the body to get better, but I’m learning.

      I’m starting to slowly use it with other people, recently I treated a case of returning sciatica pain which was just starting out and it seemed to go away after 2 treatments, but a few more were given just to support it. And there are a few other ongoing experimental treatments that aren’t conclusive yet.

      For me the $7K that I spent was well worth it as of today I haven’t had a migraine headache in about 6 months now, after having had those for most of my life. and now I’m supporting others around me and will soon integrate it in my practice as well, starting with pain management.

      I bought mine via Max at, but it was shipped from Russia, took some 3-4 weeks to arrive to Canada. There are very few vendors out there that it can be bought from, Max’s offer seemed the best to me at the time of the purchase, but I’d check the market for any changes in it.

      I also bought AcuScen for my dad – a much cheaper device, only SCENAR (no cosmodic), and since the company is no more – you can get those for about half price as it’s no longer supported – I got the most advanced version whose normal price was $2600 for $1600. My dad is very happy using it for himself and in his practice – he found that he can use it instead of acupuncture needles, so it works really well for his clients that can’t stand the needles.

  6. R Harvvey says:

    Hi Stas,

    Here are some general questions:
    1) Which of the FDA approved devices might you recommend for double-blind university studies?

    2) Have you any experience with the PEMF mats (e.g. MRS 2000; BEMER 3000…)? If so, are there any recommendations about using the PEMF mats concurrently with SCENAR devices versus separated by some period of time?

    • stas says:

      1) I haven’t done an exhaustive search, but a quick search on google for ‘scenar fda’ brings a few hits – most say that “SCENAR devices are FDA approved as a Class II medical biofeedback device for muscle re-education and relaxation”, at least the line of products from RITM appears to be in that category. If you research this, please be so kind to post back here and share if you found other manufacturers that have been approved as well.

      2) I haven’t tried PEMF mats so I won’t know. If someone would like to send me one I’d be happy to write a review.

      I’m considering to invest next into a laser technology to be used along with SCENAR to speed up the healing process.

  7. SJS says:

    Hi Stas,

    I have had the EX735agx2 since September 2014. It’s a phenomenal device and the successes are too many to mention here. But I really didn’t completely understand it until I took a 3-day seminar with an authorized representative of LET Medical/Dr. Karasev – it was well worth it. The seminar was given by Vivienne Constad – she is in the UK but came to the U.S. to give the seminar. She has been working with this technology in her practice for years and continues to work closely with the inventor (Karasev). There are others out there that train as well, for example,, Mike Beasley etc.

    The main take home point for me from the seminar was that cosmodic doesn’t treat symptoms and conditions but merely gives the brain the missing, damaged and/or lost information it needs to regenerate damaged cells. That is why when I treated a friend for shoulder pain x 2 years, using the protocol I learned in the seminar, his knee pain (he didn’t tell me about the knee pain until days later) of 5 months also went away. That was 1 treatment. The shoulder pain was decreased by 70-80% and remained improved – he returns today for another treatment. Understanding how the device works made it easy for me to understand why his knee pain also went away.

  8. Haddie says:

    What a fantastic article, so very well written, unbiased, and well researched. I applaud you for taking the time to do all this informative research. I have learnt so much and now feel armed with information to enable me to make a purchase according to my needs and budget. You should consider publishing your article to wikipedia to help other people form a well rounded balanced decisions about these devices that are not directed at some marketing agenda as. Keep up with your good work!

  9. Winston says:

    I have the older 735ag model. It works so well that I am wondering how much more can be achieved with the 735ag2.

    • stas says:

      If some vendor would like to send me the older model I’d be happy to review it. As I don’t have access to it I can’t answer your question.

  10. Aline says:

    Loved your article and the information you shared. I am interested in purchasing a Chans-01-Scenar M for personal use, especially for face lifts and cosmetic use. Would you recommend this unit of do you think there is one better for my interests. The price is fair and affordable for me. It comes with the facial attachment. Your comments would be appreciated. Also where is the best site to purchase one. I am in the USA state of Louiisian and no one here has any idea of this device. Thanks

  11. stas says:

    I was just asked by email about vaginal electrodes and SCENAR devices, I’m sharing my reply below in case you have a similar question:

    Only 2 product lines that I know of come with a vaginal/rectal probe.
    One of them is the one I have – LET Medical and the other is RITM
    SCENAR. I hear very good things about RITM SCENAR devices but since I
    have never owned one I won’t be able to help much here, other than
    directing you:


    vaginal/rectal probe

    RITM SCENAR devices range from basic home device to professional, basic
    device having no display but only control buttons, and other devices
    progressively get more evolved on the operational side. The core is the
    same though – so healing-wise for a basic uneducated use it probably
    won’t make much of a difference. I don’t know whether this line of
    products provides the fully-automatic mode like LET MEdical top line
    devices do, where you don’t need to know anything to operate them with
    great success.

    Here are prices from one shop:

    $650 RITM AUTO-SCENAR Home

    $790 RITM SCENAR Sport D

    $3,300 RITM Scenar Professional

    I think if you find someone with extended insurance they might be able
    to get it via the insurance company for chronic pain. Several companies
    in Canada provide that, so I’m sure they have a few in US.

    You can buy those much cheaper directly from Russia:

    $385 Ritm Scenar Home
    $490 Ritm Scenar Sport
    $550 Ritm Scenar Sport D

    But most likely you will have to wire USD which is not always reliable,
    though I did buy a few things from Russia this way and had no problems.

    I don’t see the vaginal/anal electrodes for RITM SCENAR there, perhaps
    you could ask them directly if they have it.

    They also have vaginal/rectal (anal) shungite electrodes for LET Medical devices
    which I haven’t tried: (2 versions):
    Important: You need to calibrate your COSMODIC device to work with electrodes that weren’t designed by LET Medical. In general it’s not recommended to use alien electrodes but people report great results with shungite electrodes.

    There are also new and second hand devices on ebay, craigslist, and other similar sites.

    *** LET Medical

    There is the rectal electrode for COSMODIC ER01Ag which originally was
    designed for both – rectal and vaginal use, but some women experienced
    an adhesion, so a new electrode was designed specifically for vaginal
    use, and it’s EV01Ag (there are two version of each – with one sphere
    and two spheres). both cost about $1000 and are made from pure silver.

    The latest EX735Ag Modific SLIDER x2 device costs about $7000. There are
    other older variations for less, but most are quite pricey.

  12. fill says:

    Dear Stas,
    Thank you for your wonderful article. It is really helpful! I know you have had enough of people who can not manage themselves, answering them! You should not be asked which device to buy! I apologise! I do need your help! I have been thinking about SCENAR whole summer. I have not good issues in pretty much every body system, same with people around me. I need to find the right device! I can not manage! You have experience! You can help me!
    I can spend around 1000 $ ( last family savings ). I have to make the right choice!
    I have asked SCENAR Association of Bulgaria. I do not have an answer yet.
    I suppose can not have COSMODIC! Can I find a good old model of any of the different versions? Where? Or should I chooce one cheap? There are some at around 300, 400 500 $. There is one Denas at Amazon at 270 $
    How can I be sure they are not false?
    Should I take RITM from Kalinka?
    I am concerned about home and sport models if they heal only pain and injury etc.

    Excuse me for my stupid letter! Please help me!

    • stas says:

      Since I have no access to any of the low-cost models, I can’t really help you here, since I can’t vouch for their performance. Especially as you say you are spending your last savings.

      Perhaps try to find someone with a model that you think would work in your town, arrange to try the device – if it works great usually the owner would be enthusiastic to share ;) and if it makes the impact you are after – buy it.

      Looking into buying a 2nd hand device would save you a lot of money as well.

      And the long shot would be for you to contact the manufacturers of the device you desire, ask them to send me a sample device so that I could experiment with it and write an extensive review for it, and I then I’d be able to report back to you how well it performs.

      As I wrote elsewhere in this article – based on my initial research most proper and copy-cats SCENAR devices work, some are just better and faster than others, but this is based on reading what other people said in various forums, not on my first hand experience, so please take this with a grain of salt.

      Good luck with your healing

  13. [note: the following comment is a loud self-promotion, but since there are so few SCENAR-related training offers out there I will let it pass. In no way I’m endorsing this, as I have never communicated with this person, so please use common sense if you decide to hire their services.]

    Stas, what a great article/review and glad you guys are still getting your devices from the Ukraine.

    As you may know I have been training folks in microcurrent for many years and I want to share some things I have learnt to build into my training courses and support, I hope this will help you too.

    1. It does not matter much which unit you buy. The effectiveness of average 88.50% cure rates established by the Russian clinical trials in the 80

  14. blake says:

    Hi Stas,

    I see I come across an article by you once again! It seems that whenever I am looking for information, you seem to have already researched it! Just saying hello from across the continent!And wishing you have a very happy, safe, healthy and wealthy 2016

  15. Mubarik says:

    Kudos for the excellent information!!

  16. Diane says:

    Stas, I first read your article about a year ago. It was very helpful in my search for healing!

    It is so difficult investing in hoped-for-cures without any personal experience with them. After reading your article (and a lot of other research), my husband I took the plunge in an affordable way with a Denas PCM-3.

    Scenar has helped us symptom by symptom. I have severe, chronic MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) that on the subtlest exposure, leads me into a cycle of illness that includes very sharp sinus pain, sleeplessness and an inability to eat. We live in the woods and have followed an organic, natural lifestyle for over 30 years, including all sorts of wonderful alternative therapies and detoxifications. Despite all, in the last 3 years, I

    • stas says:

      Thank you, Diane, for sharing the detailed experience of your steps in the scenar/cosmodic world. This is very helpful and support people who heard of the technology but doubt whether they should invest in it.

      If you read this post and comments and have a story to share please do so. The more awareness the world will have, the cheaper this technology will become. The main reason for its high cost is that not many units of it are being sold and therefore its production can’t scale to lower costs. The more people discover this technology and invest in it, the cheaper it’ll become for everybody.

      Thank you.

  17. Patsy says:

    My first Skenar treatment via a therapist was memorable. Firstly it relieved hip bursitis pain significantly. Secondly because next day it produced a convincing toxin release reaction (Herxheimer Effect) This included nausea and fatigue. At $100.00 per treatment, and with a 75 year accumulation of diverse ailments, buying my own EX735 AG slider appeared a no-brainer. I have used it on everything from arthritis to insomnia, and on anybody who consents to stand, sit or lie in one palace long enough :) Invariably, given enough time, it works wonders. I just swam ten laps of an Olympic Pool and have totally ceased takin all Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs – what more need I say??

  18. john says:

    I’ve been searching the web in order to select a device. My focus has been on more affordable devices.I ended up with PCM (Denas) and a used Cosmodic mini ps-705. First came the Denas and I used it on my spine and received benefits in my digestive track to my surprise. It helped with the chronic back pain which had been with me over 50 years. A particular spot around vertebra L3 has been intractable. Then the cosmodic arrived 3 weeks ago. After one treatment this pain was relieved. I don’t know if the Denas would have done this in time or if it contributed to the relief but I credit the cosmodic.
    The cosmodic electrodes make better contact for me and this results in less sting. The quality of steel seems to be the determining factor.

    Given my satisfaction with cosmodic Benedick’s information about LET endorsing Enart’s algorithm’s will influence my next move though I may just stick with the cosmodic and get a new updated 705 for around $1200. The Enart 911 is a few hundred more. These are my recommendations for people searching at this price point.

    I should add that scenar has helped stabilize my heart rhythm and I am postponing my appointment with the electrophysiologist. Also it relieved somewhat the chest tightness which has been present for years. The 3 paths/ 6 point protocol has helped me generally and improved mental clarity and perhaps relaxed me. I recently awoke with a surprising sense of joy at a new day, a feeling which was only a dim memory till now. It could only be the scenar. That’s the biggest benefit so far. There is much more to work on but that’s it for the present.

    Your article was very relevant and I re-read it periodically as my search moves along. Thanks,


    • stas says:

      Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the scenar devices, John.

      Neither I nor most readers know about the Enart

      • John Caldwell says:

        Hi Stas

        Thank you for your support of this topic.
        My scenar use is into it’s 3rd month. Things have slowed down. The miraculous resolution of all my issues has not occurred but I am still a novice.

        My remark about the LET endorsement of Enart was quoted from Benedick’s comment above (point 11). Expert, insider opinion is still hard to come by on the web. My research continues. I am glad to post here anything that may be relevant to the point of making scenar devices more effective for the home user.

        As I write this I have 2 adhesive patches cabled to my Denas acting on the area around my shoulder blades. It’s working on those aches which tension in the upper body produces in one’s back. They correspond to the heart. I have also used the devices on my chest over my heart though this is discouraged in literature. It significantly reduced the painful tightness of the superficial chest muscles. My theory is that these muscles have a sympathetic relationship with the heart itself. My acupuncturist thinks so.

        It’s uplifting to be able to treat myself. A better understanding of what’s going on would be a comfort so my research will continue.

        Regards, John

  19. Lucas says:

    Hi Stas,

    Thank you for sharing your research and all others for their inputs.

    Three years ago I was in a car accident and since then, I have attended number of treatments from physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and so on. Unfortunately, the conditions have not improved or changed much.

    So, after reading your article I am eager to try the SCENAR.

    As I do not have any medical background and heard for the fist time about the device from your article (thank you :-)) just curious, if the device could be used on healing liver, or kidneys, or hernia, or knees pain. Did you come across a list of potential treatments?

    Blessings, Lucas

    PS: your book End Migraines, Headaches and Drug Side-Effects is excellent! Thank you again :-)

  20. Rachel says:

    Hi stas, happy to have found your site, living in Europe, can you tell me if I can purchase one of these quality micro current devices here(customs charge almost the price of the product), and is the of dr.irina in the US? Do you have more tel.nrs in Europe maybe(holland or other in European Union)?Thank you in forehand, wishing you the best, Rachel

  21. Rick Solinsky says:

    I have a question for a practitioner of scenar/cosmodic. I have both- an acuscen and a 715 Cosmodic (along with a Q1000 laser). These devices are amazing on SOME health issues and are lacking in others. I have lots of amazing stories of miraculous cures using these devices- except they don’t seem to help my chronic elbow tendonitis and arthiritis- been using it for quite a while with zero benefit. So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and do the stem cell injection thing. A bit pricey, but I NEED my elbows to work. Has anyone used these devices to amplify the results of stem cell therapy? I have been searching all over the internet and have yet to find any instances of the words Stem cell and Cosmoidic, or Scenar in the same sentence. I have found a few instances of comments about low level lasers. Any advice would be appreciated. I am getting the stem cell proceedure on this coming Wed.

  22. blake says:


    I bought the Avazzia Life. $12,500. It is suppose to be the American Version of the Scenar devices. My husband had an accident and his ankle has been swollen for the past five years. After working on it a couple of times a week, after three weeks it looks normal! I am now working on his collar bone which he broke twice. It’s hard getting training. You buy this devise and it comes with no manual or support, so unless you spend more money, you are on your own. I have been watching utube training sessions on scenar to learn how to use it. Avazzia doesn’t have much detailed training on utube. What was strange to me was all the noises the devise made and how it made the skin so red, and how it would become as if glued to the skin when I first started working with it. Now there is no redness, noise or sticky areas anymore when I work on his ankle. So that was interesting. Also when I working on his ankle, he would feel a sensation on the other leg, or another part of his body. I read that when that happens you should run the devise over that area as well. I don’t know how the Avazzia life compares to the Russian devise but so far I am impressed with it. But I am going to try and find a Russian devise second hand just to compare. I wish I could find a forum to belong to so we all could share our experiences and knowledge. I had a devise called the Violet Ray, only $40 on amazon. Its a Tesla devise, a mini MWO. It give off ozone. I was very impresses with it. It always not away pain, especially headaches. You can’t use it more than ten minutes at a time or you burn up the motor. Its a high frequency devise. If a scenar devise is out of one’s budget for know, I would highly recommend a Violet Ray. I love my micro current Avaazia life, but I do feel very relaxed with the violet Ray and use it every day.


  23. Steve says:

    Hello Stas,
    I want to thank you for such an informative and in depth article. I

  24. Lana says:

    Hello Stas,

    Thanks so much for putting together this article. So helpful!

    I am considering the PS705Ag and have been looking at pricing.

    On Amazon, there is a seller offering it for $1320 (current 2017 model – brand new, with warranty and English user manual).
    LET Medical’s price is $1900.
    The difference seems to be the Virtual Training that is provided when purchasing from LET Medical: “with 50+ articles and 80+ videos to quickly get you proficient in operating your new device and achieving good results with it.”

    Can anyone comment on the information provided in this Virtual Training? Is it just a conglomerate of information or is it a well laid out training program? The difference in price is substantial.

    • stas says:

      I haven’t seen what LET Medical offers in their package, so I can’t comment on that.

      There is a free online book by LET Medical. And also Dr. Irina has a bunch of helpful articles and audio recordings on her several SCENAR-related sites. These are important if you plan on following specific protocols. Otherwise you usually just put the device where it hurts and it pretty much knows what to do on its own. You just need to learn how to know when it’s done, and adjust power-levels and modes (which LET Medical is responsible to tell you how – either via a user-guide or directly by phone/email). At least this is the case with the more advanced units – you can operate them successfully (i.e. getting the pain to go away) without knowing anything about this technology. I have never used PS705Ag, so perhaps someone else could answer specifically about that unit.

  25. stas says:

    I see LET Medical has just created an official website/shop in US:

  26. john caldwell says:

    Hi again. Here is a review of the VX735ag. The VX was “redone” in the 2012 period. It originally dates from the late 1990’s. The news is good and bad. The bad is that the cosmodic section of that period is not great and doesn’t seem to have been upgraded even to the level of 2005 which is when the Ps705 mini I also own was created. The PS705 delivered well. Unfortunately, it got mistreated and gradually became less beneficial. It may not be reparable. The ps705 has been upgraded as of 2017. It now comes with silver electrodes. It may be my next purchase. Unfortunately, since it was conceived in the mid 2000’s it is labeled since then as “not fully cosmodic”. This could be because it only has 3 feedback channels. The original VX had only one. What difference this makes I can’t say. It may refect on the fact that recent cosmodics can be placed “anywhere” and treat/measure the entire body.
    The VX also got mis-treated. (I used these items in bed trying to get sleep and they would end up falling to the floor.)
    After getting the VX735 I was disappointed. I only used the cosmodic mode thinking that was the more advanced. Only just prior to finally breaking it I used it in the Scenar mode. Wow. It was powerful. It calmed irritated organs such as the heart and obdomen, relieving long term symptoms there.
    It is marketed as a very powerful tool for musculoskeletal problems. That’s about right.
    I will return these devices to mother Russia shortly. I am advised that they only would offer me 575 Euro trade in value for the VX on a new Slider-type .

  27. Mirjana Bek-Zembic says:

    I bought ENS professional version a year ago from Dr Irina. The best gamble I did in my life, because I scored a jackpot!
    I suffer from migraines for 35 years, and had crippling pelvic and lower back pain (on/off) for last 15 years. Numerous specialist could not find cause, but pain would come every few months, last 2-3 weeks, and go away. Painkillers made a havoc with my stomach.
    Just before I bought ENS, I was in pain for one and a half month. I was desperate enough to try snake oil!
    ENS device is Scenar, Cosmodic and ENS + all the combinations between them in one. I use it almost every day, and it does behave (more/less), as advertised.
    It took 2-3 weeks for my pain to go away. It did come back 2 more times, but every time, it was less painful, and lasted shorter.
    I sleep MUCH better, my migraines are not as severe as before and painkillers are more effective.
    I did not take a single pill for my stomach since I bought ENS (all I do is put ENS on my stomach area, and “dose”. Pain goes away within 5-10 min. , no pills!)
    If I use ENS mode for about half an hour, the next day, my urine and faeces have very strong chemical smell, so the claim that device is detoxifying is true. I did not try to send it for analysis,so I do not have prove .

    • Hanna Brandli says:

      Hello Mirjana, I was interested to hear your experience with the ENS – I purchased the EX 735Ag Slider x2 6 months ago – I have been a Scenar therapist (part-time) using Scenar Pro for over 10 years. I wish I had the funds to purchase the ENS instead of the EX 735Ag, this device has not demonstrated as much power as I had anticipated. Yes I’m happy with it but I don’t see a lot more benefit over my Scenar.

  28. Ed says:

    Hey Stas,

    Incredible work and amazing comments as a result. Outside of the Tennant Biomodulator and the Avazzia Pro do you know of any devices that have a user-selectable Solfeggio mode?

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