SCENAR+COSMODIC Neurofeedback Pain Treatments in Victoria, BC

Stas Bekman


I offer neurofeedback pain treatment sessions using SCENAR/COSMODIC technology that comes from the science labs of Russia. SCENAR stands for Self-Controlled Energo Neuro-Adaptive Regulation. This technology doesn't try to fix anything in your body directly, but instead activates the innate ability of your body to heal itself, by direct communication with the brain via your nervous system. This technology has been in works for the last 40+ years and was originally designed to be used by the Russian astronauts in space to maintain their wellbeing.

The device I own is the latest top of the line model EX735Ag from LET Medical Laboratories. In addition to the traditional SCENAR technology, its functionality includes a more groundbreaking high-tech called COSMODIC which improves healing of complex issues and chronic conditions beyond the SCENAR's already wonderful capabilities. Based on my research SCENAR works better with recent acute pain, while COSMODIC deals better with chronic issues. The device is really a complex computer which knows to automatically activate each of the two modes as it finds fit depending on each individual situation.

Just to share my personal story - I had been suffering from migraine headaches most of my life and after 3 sessions with this device the migraines haven't come back in more than a year as of this writing. That was the primary reason for me researching and acquiring this technology in first place and I am glad it had such a huge positive impact on my life.

As of this writing I have owned the device for one year and so far it helped to deal with sprains, eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, knee, back and neck-pain, and many more. So far it has been like a magic wand dealing with local pain, very quick with recent acute issues, and longer yet successful with chronic pains.

To explain what the technology does in simple terms you need to first understand that your body is constantly bombarded with many problems and it has to prioritize what it deals with first. The fact that you have pain in your little pinky is of little concern to your body as a whole, since it'd function just fine without the little pinky. Taking care of other more important organs and systems is obviously the main priority. So if the little pinky is in trouble - a typically overloaded body doesn't want to get continually bombarded by messages from the distressed area, it'll spend a little bit of energy at healing the area and often without fully completing the process it'll then enclose the whole area in an energetic cyst and then push it onto the long shelf, without coming back to it for a long time or perhaps ever again if the body doesn't get a respite from healing itself. Now you most likely have a different priority, since active pain is not fun and you want it to be gone. So SCENAR comes in breaks that energetic cyst by "irritating" the body where you want the healing to occur and your internal healing forces are forced to come and work on that area.


If you're familiar with TENS technology, it's the grandfather of SCENAR/COSMODIC. TENS is still around but doesn't work too well since our bodies quickly adapt to the steady stimulation and start to ignore it rendering its stimulation useless. SCENAR/COSMODIC on the other hand prevents habituation and adaptation by constantly changing the signals based on the way the body responds.

Besides instructing your body at healing itself, it performs a major secondary function, which works on a cellular level - it recharges the cells of your body with the proper voltage, which leads to a healthy cellular regeneration and restoration. You might be surprised to learn that your body's cells need to have a -50mV to -70mV to function properly, and if their charge slides into the 0mV to -50mV range the cells becomes sickly, and above 0mV they are likely to become cancerous. [See Healing is Voltage: The Handbook by Jerry L. Tennant for more information on this topic].

It's important to understand that SCENAR/COSMODIC technology gets your body to do all the work, and that means that you need to have the energy for your body to be able to do the work. If you're very weak it'll create a strong impact on your energy level, usually the next day or two.

Before I acquired this device I spent many hours researching this technology and I summarized my extensive research in this article: SCENAR and COSMODIC Researched For You, So You Won't Have To. So if you'd like to know more about it please refer to it.

The Sessions

It's recommended the that first session is no longer than 30min with the direct usage of the device. Subsequent sessions can go up to 1h30min long. For acute recent problems frequent sessions are very helpful. For chronic problems doing a single session every 7-10 days is the most beneficial. After a single session with SCENAR your body will continue working on that area for 3-5 days.

The number of sessions will vary on the severity of the problem and how long it has been neglected for. For example if you have just experienced the first tingles and discomfort in the fingers and the forearms because you have been moving those fingers too much over the phone or a mouse for a few days, while your body wasn't in its best position, you have a precursor for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (or RSI - Repetitive Stress Injury) it can fix the problem often with just one session. If however you keep doing this over and over again - you are well into having the injury - it might take a series of sessions to facilitate its healing. And of course meanwhile you have to change whatever it is you're doing that causes the problem, since no miracle will help here if you re-injure yourself all the time.

During a SCENAR/COSMODIC session, the device is put in contact with skin in the area that is in pain and you'd feel only a gentle tingle and hear a series of beeping noises indicating your body's response to the neurofeedback stimulation.

SCENAR technology is cleared by Health Canada for the treatment of chronic, acute and post operative PAIN. If you google you will find several companies offering a very basic version of this device from a different manufacturer (RITM) that is reimbursable by some insurance companies in Canada. However, the service itself is not reimbursable by any insurance companies in Canada as far as I know.


  • $90 for 1 hour
  • $130 for 1.5 hour
  • $170 for 2 hours


  • 3 sessions of 1 hour each: $250
  • 6 sessions of 1 hour each: $480

All prices include GST.

I accept cash, cheques, paypal and Interac e-transfer.

I also do integration sessions where I combine SCENAR work with Reiki or reflexology, which could be done in 1 hour, but ideally calls for at least 1.5 hours or longer depending on your body's needs.

I don't know whether your insurance company will be able to reimburse you for these sessions, so please enquire with them.

SCENAR Work Testimonials

I recently went to Stas for a Scenar/Cosmodic neurofeedback session to help heal chronic pain in my upper back and neck. Stas is a very professional, open, and welcoming practitioner. I felt at ease with him very quickly. His clear knowledge of the body and healing processes, which he explained distinctly and clearly during the session gave me great confidence in his work. The pain in my back and neck lessened through the two sessions, and I would have liked to continue with several more, however I was just visiting town.

He also gave me many other tips on stretching, relaxing, and taking care of the area in general. During my second session we also had time to exchange thoughts about life, personal growth, healing the heart and soul, and relationships. His insight and perspective left me feeling light, confident, and ready to face the day. Thanks Stas, I will be seeing you next time I'm in town!
Tosh G.

Contacting Me

If you have questions or would like to book an appointment, the best way to communicate with me is by emailing me at stas@stason.org.

The sessions are right next to downtown Victoria, BC, near the main bus routes if you are on foot. Ample free street parking is available if you drive. And if you cycle, there is a bike locker right in front of the building. I work out of my place, located in the apartment building, and which is cozy, private and very quiet. The exact address will be provided upon booking.

I offer various other types of healing work in Victoria.

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