Chocolasm 101 – The Chocolate Orgasm for Men

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Tonight was the first part of the “Alchemy of Sensuality” workshop by Little Woo.

There were 9 women, 3 men and lots of chocolate… but wait, it gets even better.

The first half of this 3 hour evening was dedicated to a discussion about Sensuality, what it is and what it is not – as we found out, for different people that concept meant different things. Little Woo introduced various concepts around Sensuality, such as Anhedonia (inability to experience pleasure), S&M (pleasure through pain), Hedonism (living for the sake of pleasure), Epicureanism (a simpler version of Hedonism) and Debauchery (extreme indulgence in sensuality without inhibitions).

While talking about Sensuality, Little Woo was blending in the concepts of manifestation, which is a very complex and at the same time very simple topic, depending on where you’re coming from. But for me the part that resonated the most was about conflicts we have with others. The Little Goddess suggested that most conflicts and/or misunderstandings happen for two reasons that have nothing to do with the others. The first reason being us not trusting ourselves to be good enough. The second reason is us believing that others will misunderstand us. In other words we manifest misunderstanding from one or both sides. This is a very empowering suggestion, and I need to have it sink into my system and start to live it more.

But all the talk is useless if it doesn’t get applied in practice, and that’s why the second half of the evening was so much more powerful. It was the experiential part, where we explored our senses, one at a time, which wasn’t unusual, other than two new elements: we needed to be very present and we were observed by others as we were having our sensory experience.

The first sense we flirted with was taste. We split into groups of 3 people and we each brought a few food samples that we love. As I mentioned earlier almost everybody brought chocolate, but I guess most participants were women. The reason I make this pun, lies in the fact that for years I’ve been hearing women talk about the experience of eating chocolate as something close to a sexual orgasm (we also learned that night that there are other orgasms that aren’t sexual). Most women said that chocolate makes them go tingly and sends goosebumps all over their body. Now all these years I felt left out and I thought that it was only women who were privileged to have that experience. And while I love chocolate, I was forever to be deprived of that extra pleasure. I’m happy to share that since this evening, eating chocolate will never be the same and here’s why.

The exercise was set up in a way that one person eats their favorite food, while two others watch and then the first person shares their experience and then all three eat the same food together. For those watching the suggestion was to tune into the experience of the person eating the food and to try to sense what they sense. I brought Green and Black’s Organic with Ginger with me. I had a tiny little bite of it, and while trying to be fully present on the sense of the chocolate melting in my mouth, which was amplified by seeing the two women watching me indulging myself with that tiny bite of chocolate, sent me to the tingly mode. It then got even stronger and I got suddenly really hot. I was eating my chocolate at 100 times slower than I’m used to and I was having my body going into the waves of pleasure. Wow, what an experience. What a chocolate!

I couldn’t even finish that tiny piece of chocolate, I felt that it was too much (when I usually could eat half a bar in two bites). It was the same chocolate, but I wasn’t the same. And I did nothing special. I was just in the moment.

That whole experience was a great set up for the rest of the evening and I continued being present, with no mind chatter whatsoever. Once were were done with food, we moved to explore the olfactory sense and I enjoyed a whole range of amazing smells (mostly essential oils brought by people, but also some objects). Some were so good, I couldn’t let go, others were too strong that I couldn’t bear.

Next we moved to the tactile sense – that one was quite interesting, since there was a huge variety of objects, some soft and others hard, but most had some uniqueness to them, and again I found some objects that I had a hard time letting go of, while others didn’t quite do it for me.

After we had to cut short our indulgence of senses because we were long past the closing time, we had a short discussion about the whole experience. And the now “usual” observation was that we all live different “lives”. For some people connecting with food was nothing unusual, while tactile or olfactory sense experiences were new to them. For me for example it was the opposite – I feel very present and connected with touch and smell in a daily life, whereas when I take my food in I’m not quite present with it, as I typically do it while multitasking. And that’s why this evening was so powerful for me. I’ve got reminded that it’s so simple to find pleasure and joy and things that we don’t notice and take for granted when they become a routine. Of course having food as a routine is just one of those examples.

We finished the evening with a little tea ceremony, and the tea had all three senses at that time, the smell, the taste and the touch.

I felt alive and present through the second half of the workshop and full of love for the rest of the evening, which in my book grants a solid 10 out of 10 to the workshop facilitator (Little Woo) and of course myself, since it’s still a bit of struggle to get out of my head and to just be…

I’m looking forward to part 2 of this workshop.

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One Response to “Chocolasm 101 – The Chocolate Orgasm for Men”

  1. Bryan Spicer says:

    Mr. Bekman I hope this message finds you and your family as happy and healthy as can possibly be.
    One word piqued my interest so much that I had to follow the link immediately and that word is “orgasm” ;-)
    It only took a couple of sentences of reading the sample before I was hypnotically hooked. As soon as I am able to I will be purchasing a copy for myself. And if I’m as intrigued as I’m expecting to be from it then I have some friends that I will be gifting it to.
    Thank you for your time,

    Bryan S.

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