How To Surely Get To A Desired State Using An Extremely Simple Resonance Method

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Often we find ourselves stuck in a certain state/feeling and we struggle to get unstuck and move to a different, better state. There are many ways one could approach this challenge. This writing is to share a lazy man’s method of getting to the desired state that guarantees the accomplishment without doing much work.

The method involves the principle of resonance. You may have heard how striking one tuning fork causes the unstruck tuning fork to start emitting the same sound. Or how bridges used to collapse when the wind or a group of marching soldiers triggered a mechanical resonance. Or how several unsynchronized metronomes synchronize themselves in a matter of seconds:

Our body and mind follow the same vibrational principles and we can change our internal state by simply surrounding ourselves with the kind of vibration that we aspire to. You may have heard the saying: “if you want to become a millionaire, start hanging out with millionaires”. And this same principle works in any area of your life.  It works for both – positive and negative states. You need to surround yourself with people whose vibration will carry you to become like one them. Except it could be a lot of hard work to find such people, and once found – getting them to want you to be around.

As I promised it to be a lazy man’s approach, the simplest solution is to use the sound of the voice of the person, you find inspiring, to have almost the same effect as being in their physical presence (in their aura). All you need to do is to get a few recordings of their live talks, lectures and seminars where they passionately talk about the subject matter. At this point, it doesn’t matter whether you listen closely to the details of what they say and act on what you heard. In fact don’t even think about it, just immerse yourself in the process of listening. The only requirement is that the recording is of a live presentation where they don’t read from a script or a book, and they are excited about the subject of their presentation.

I’d suggest to not read their books as you’d be missing out on the essential part of this technique – the direct transmission of their unique vibration created during their live presentation. Reading works too, but it won’t be as powerful. You’re after just one thing – the vibration of their voice when they are excited and inspired.

Audiobooks are tricky, as often it’s not the author who reads aloud the book, and even if it is the author – the energy won’t be the same as they stare into the written words, as compared to being connected to a live audience. But if you can’t find live presentation recordings, audiobooks read by the author are the second best.

While a lot of people have a non-productive habit with reading/listening to a book after book after book without acting on anything taught in those books – here the recommendation is to do precisely that.  Don’t try to act on any of things you hear because you may lose the little vibration synchronization that you have just gained. I’d say just listen for 2 to 4 weeks or until you feel that when you wake up several mornings in a row where you’re inspired and moved to do the things you wanted to get inspired about.

When you feel that the new vibration is strong and is there to stay – your mission has been accomplished! Now go back and re-listen to the audios and this time, start acting on the given inspirations if they are relevant or perhaps you have enough of your own things to act on – I trust you to have enough discrimination to find your own best course of action.

When you embark on this immersive journey you are very likely to encounter resistance. In the first few days of listening, you may feel very awkward and really want to stop. Don’t! Keep on listening. You’re trying to synchronize your being’s metronome with the frequency of the desired vibration. As you saw in the video the only requirement is to be in the vicinity of such vibration. Nothing else needs to be done. When you just start, your vibration could be very very different from where you want to be, and, therefore, you are very likely to experience a feeling of dissonance. But you must have the tenacity to stick to it despite the resistance and a strong desire to abort the process.

You also are likely to encounter a self-sabotaging kind of resistance when you start getting close to reaching your goal. It can be surprisingly scary for your ego to be swiftly transformed from the old less desired state to the new desired state because it feels unsafe to your ego to go to the unknown, even if you know you’d be much better off once the new state is reached. As a result, you might decide that you don’t need to do any more of this process and stop. Chances are that it’ll happen too soon and you will slide back to the previous state within a few days. You have so much to gain and so little to lose by gaining this better vibrational level, so thank the ego for wanting to keep you “safe” and then agree to disagree with your ego and make the choice your desire.

Try to listen to the recordings as often and as long as possible every day. Listen when you brush your teeth, sit on a toilet, prepare your meals, eat them, workout, commute to work, take a stroll, just before you go to sleep, etc.

After you completed the process and reached your goal, if at any point in the future you feel that you start losing the gained ground, simply repeat the process and go back to listening.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find fantastic speakers on almost any subject. It can be one speaker or even better several so that you get different flavors and don’t get bored. If you just want inspiration to get unstuck,  any very inspiring speaker would be suitable because the upward energy of excitement and inspiration is the same in its essence regardless of the topic.

You may also want to consider going to some inspiring conferences where the whole crowd is excited and you literally immerse yourself into the sea of excitement. But that doesn’t work for everybody, so only do that if you are moved to and you know it’d do good.

TED and TEDx talks could be an excellent source of inspiration, but I’d still suggest sticking to a few speakers who recorded many multi-hour live shows, because it’s easier to relax into the listening process once you are familiar with the speaker, rather than switching to a different one every 20 minutes or so. Remember, it is a lazy man’s technique, so the less work you need to do the more likely you will successfully complete this process and reach your desired state.

I am going to make a few recommendations on where to start if you struggle with finding fantastic and very inspirational public speakers.

If you are after spiritual and personal awakening start with Wayne W. Dyer, Caroline Myss, David R. Hawkins, Ken Wilber, Louise L. Hay, Abraham Hicks and Bashar (Darryl Anka). I hold a special place for Wayne W. Dyer due to his unique way of communicating big concepts through simple storytelling, and Caroline Myss for her great ability to shake up my complacency through the way she talks.

If you want more success, productivity and meaningful experiences in business and life listen to Darren Hardy, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar and Anthony Robbins.

To get inspired to have better relationships and communications go with Alison Armstrong, David Deida,  and Marshall Rosenberg.

To get to better creativity, you can’t fail by immersing yourself in the vibration of Julia Cameron. Creativity calls for vulnerability which is explored in depth by Brene Brown.

Remember these are but a few wonderful speakers that I found on my journey, there are hundreds of others out there, there is a big abundance out there.

If you can’t afford to purchase the recordings go to your local library – I’m sure they will have plenty of relevant audio recordings that you could borrow and listen to.

In this writing, we discussed the power of one’s voice to transmit their internal vibrational state. There are so many other ways to work with different expressions of vibration. Voice is just one of the expressions of sound. Different kinds of music records with or without words can attune your body and mind to a wide variety of states. And then there are colors, which are the expression of light.  But these all are subjects for future articles.

If you have your own personal recommendations of fantastic inspirational speakers please share those with the readers in the comments section below.

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