How to Receive Free Healing Prayers and Blessings for Yourself and Your Loved Ones

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BlessingsI’ve just discovered that there are quite a few kind individuals and organizations out there that offer free healing energy, prayers, and blessings to those in need (humans and even their pets). All you need to do is to submit the name of the recipient-in-need, and some also request their location in the world and email address. So if you or someone you know is going through a difficult time why not ask for help. The only cost is your time submitting those requests. Not bad. You have little to lose if it doesn’t work, but so much to gain if it does!

If you are in doubt that these offers would do any good please read Lynne McTaggart‘s “The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World“.

Please note that some of the free offers found online have strings attached as they require you to disclose a lot of personal information such as full address and phone number, and some require you to fill out a form with 20 fields – seriously? That sounds very dubious to me and while I haven’t proceeded with those offers to validate their sincerity — my hunch is that those free offers would potentially back-fire with the “kind” folks trying to sell you something and/or convert you into their belief system without you asking for it. So this list sticks to the true “free” offers, where all that’s asked is a person’s name and optionally their location. Some offers ask you for more information but only optionally and still allow you to remain relatively anonymous.

First I was planning to compile and post here a long list of such free services but then I realized that due to the really high link rot nowadays I no longer want to spend days hunting ever-moving and disappearing links. Yet I didn’t want you to miss out on this great potential for you and your loved ones, so I decided to come up with a compromise and leave this post up with a few great free healing prayer/blessing offering and show you how to find such services with ease using the search engines. Also feel free to post links to your favorite service via the comments field at the end of this post. Please post only true free offers and none with hidden agenda such as forcing you to provide personal information that’s not needed at all to send the healing. Thank you.

So here are a few free healing prayer and blessings offerings:

There are also some directories of such services with many links in them (a lot of which are unfortunately broken :( )

And now in the true spirit of “teach a man to fish” vs. “give a man a fish”, here is how to find more (and most up-to-date links as search engines validate those for us):

you get the idea! and of course if you find awesome ones please share via comments below. Thank you!

I wish you and your loved ones lots of health, love and laughter.

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2 Responses to “How to Receive Free Healing Prayers and Blessings for Yourself and Your Loved Ones”

  1. Catherine says:

    My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer that spread from his brain into the lungs and liver. he became so ill that it tired him out to do the smallest task; to walk across a room would take great effort and all his breath away. I was unable to bear his situation anymore and i begin to ask questions about cancer in my neighborhood and work place, above all i was praying that God should send healing to my husband and take the sorrow away from my family, one faithful evening my neighbor who recently moved to the neighborhood came to me that she heard that i have been asking question about cancer and told me about [scam name removed] book she have and how they had help her in the it cured her 9 years breast cancer.

    [admin note: I trimmed the rest of the scam/sales letter, which is plastered all over the internet forums and blog comments with different variations of the problem and exactly the same misleading scam recommendation to buy snake oil]

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