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SEO The Easy Way As Explained by Google SEO High Priest | SEO Made Easy Series

September 13, 2010 by stas | No Comments | Filed in SEO

The following is an excellent video where Matt Cutts and other three members of Google Search review a dozen or so sites and discuss the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) issues. Below you will find my summary of it, which you might want to read instead if you don’t have a spare hour to watch the […]

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How To Attract Inbound Links If Your Company Doesn’t Do Sexy Things | SEO Made Easy Series

October 22, 2009 by stas | 2 Comments | Filed in SEO

Since Google still dominates the search engine market, it’s most important that your website fares well in google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Most people who understand at least a little bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) know that one of the biggest factors in how Google ranks sites (and individual pages) is by how […]

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How To Make Your Business Come up First In Google Search

September 1, 2009 by stas | 31 Comments | Filed in SEO

Most people are unaware of this neat feature that Google provides, but have you noticed that when you search for a business, sometimes Google will show a specific business on the map at the very top of the search results? Let’s take a concrete example. My company’s name is StasoSphere, which resides in Vancouver and […]

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