Machine Learning: Natural Language Processing by Stas Bekman


My name is Stas Bekman and I'm an engineer who loves tinkering and solving problems.

I've been writing computer software since 1994. My most favorite course at the university was the assembly languge. It really set me up on a path to efficient programming in a well documented environment.

For more than a decade I worked on Apache and Perl - I was a lead developer of the very popular at the time mod_perl (Perl integration for the Apache webserver), I published several books in that domain and taught at many top tech conferences.

But, alas, nothing lasts forever, and recently I have discovered machine learning and in particular, Natural Language Processing (NLP). So nowadays it's Python and Pytorch and huggingface and models and notebooks and GPUs. I have been working with text for the last 25+ years and I dream in regex, but it's time to teach the machine to figure it all out on its own and just guide it in the right direction - machine learning - here we come.

If you have some interesting machine learning/NLP project that you need help with please don't hesitate to contact me and we can discuss how I can be of help to you.

I am based in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada.