Reiki Healing Sessions in Victoria, BC

Reiki Healing Sessions

Stas Bekman

My name is Stas Bekman and I'm a Reiki Master. I facilitate Reiki treatments in Victoria, BC, Canada. Distant healing sessions are available for those who can't make it to where I'm located.

A typical Reiki session lasts about 1 hour. Some people prefer longer sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours.

Reiki is a quiet, quality time where you get to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Some people choose to sleep. It's your choice how you want to be.

When coming for a Reiki session, you may want to consider wearing loose clothing, so that nothing constricts your body and makes it easier for you to relax.

Often people who come to see me, in addition for wanting to receive Reiki healing, they find that they need support in their spiritual and emotional journey. At times they just want to be heard. While I don't have any official certifications in this domain, my own journey in this life has taught me many valuable lessons that I'm happy to impart with you, supporting your needs. If this is what you seek, we can always combine Reiki with an informal counseling session. While both can be done in one hour, it leaves little time for the Reiki session, therefore for a worthwhile experience, I would encourage you to book me for at least a 1.5 hour session.


  • $90 for 1 hour
  • $130 for 1.5 hour
  • $170 for 2 hours


  • 3 sessions of 1 hour each: $250
  • 3 sessions of 1.5 hour each: $360
  • 6 sessions of 1 hour each: $480
  • 6 sessions of 1.5 hour each: $700

All prices include GST.

I accept cash, cheques, paypal and Interac e-transfer.

I also do integration sessions where I combine Reiki work and reflexology or SCENAR, which could be done in 1 hour, but ideally calls for at least 1.5 hours or longer depending on your body's needs.

What Clients Say About Stas' Facilitation for Healing

I have received Stas' reiki treatments 3 times now. Each time I feel stronger and stronger. Stas is not only a very qualified and productive practitioner, he gets results in a professional, relaxing, personable and caring manner. In just 3 treatments, my lower back is much better, my flexibility is recovering, and I am feeling more balanced. A couple other benefits happened that blew me away! My writing is now more relaxed, rounded, and larger! When I came out of the 2nd session, my vision was much clearer, I didn't have the usual cloud of "floaters"!!! It's truly amazing how much stress can be relieved by the blessing of reiki. Stress accounts for the majority of all our ailments and diseases. Reiki is a marvelous way to spruce up your journey into good health, totally relaxing in your own comfy clothes drifting off into bliss.

FYI - Now that I have found Stas, he's stuck with me as a patient. Trish
Stas is a remarkable facilitator for healing. Upon my first session Stas was open with his expertise, energy, and made a very comfortable environment. This was the first time experiencing Reiki healing and I would invite anyone interested in alternative healing to take on a session with him. I will definitely be seeing him again for another treatment!Loretta
My Reiki exploration with Stas has turned out to be a very interesting process. The first session went well. I felt tired afterwards but also felt really good. The second session went a bit deeper and I felt almost levitated and had a vibrating feeling in my body. During the third session it was remarkable. Not only did I feel the vibration internally, but also shook quite a bit externally, shaking out what my body didn't need. It was an amazing experience. It's hard, but exciting, to imagine what might come next.
I had an hour Reiki session and I felt amazing and very centered afterwards. I definately recommend Stas' treatments and teachings. I've had a couple of sessions with him and I feel more and more comfortable with him each time, which allows for a more open, relaxed and intense session to help with my every day stresses which cause blockages of energy, etc. I haven't had a reflexology treatment from him yet, but we have discussed it and I am excited to see how I feel after it as well.
Stas helped me with my stress & need for grounding. He is really good at Reiki, a good listener & very accomodating around my sensitivities. I find him to be caring, practical & knowledgeable. The session itself went well, he started by asking me about the reason why I wanted reiki & he explained more about what he does. Then once on the table, he got me to clear my mind before we began the Reiki session. I found it very relaxing, as if I was coming back together & finding peace. After the session I was very settled, calm & grounded. On the way home, my heart was smiling with relief & today, a day later I feel like I'm back to my old self. Thank you Stas, I'll definitely be returning in the future :)
I recently came to Stas for a reiki treament and it was such a great healing experience I thought I should share. I was feeling a bit anxious and ungrounded for the last little while but couldnt figure out the reason why as I didnt think I had anything to be anxious about. Before the session started he asked how I was doing and if I had any concerns, etc. I mentioned the feeling of being anxious and he asked if I knew the cause behind it, I didnt really know at the time the cause so told him that. As soon as we started the session Stas asked me to take some deep breaths and to relax, his voice was so soothing and relaxing I soon began to relax and feel very peacefull, the anxieties slipping away.

When he started the reiki treatment I could feel all this warm healing energy pulsing down my body, it was quite noticable to me, and I began to feel very grounded, calm and relaxed and just let the energy go where it needed to go. However mid-way through the session, as I was in a deeply relaxed and meditative frame of mind, I had the sudden realization as to the cause of anxiety I had been experiencing, and what I needed to do to work on resolving the issue. I'm pretty sure it was the reiki or the reiki making me so relaxed and calm I was able get behind the layers of anxiety and unsettleness in my mind to figure out the cause.

Its been a few weeks since the treatment, and I am feeling much better now. I also wanted to mention that immediately after the session as started to walk on the way to go home, I noticed how bright and full of life everything looked around me. Stas lives on a street with these beautifully huge trees lining the street, so lush and green, and it was amazing how different the scenary looked to me before and after the session. I was so relaxed and grounded I was able to appreciate all the nature around me and take it all in whereas before the treatment, I hadnt really noticed my surroundings. In all a truly amazing treatment, would highly recommend getting a reiki treatment from Stas.
Stas has given me reiki many times and each time it has been a true gift. Afterward I feel relaxed, open, and peaceful. Also, I often have an increase in energy the next day.
I had been going to Reiki for about a year, when my practitioner took a break from practicing. I did some research and came across Stas as a practitioner. I have been to see him numerous times over the last 2 years and find him to be a great resource and would highly recommend him. He is wise beyond his years.

Contacting Me

If you have questions or would like to book an appointment, the best way to communicate with me is by emailing me at stas@stason.org.

The sessions are right next to downtown Victoria, BC, near the main bus routes if you are on foot. Ample free street parking is available if you drive. And if you cycle, there is a bike locker right in front of the building. I work out of my place, located in the apartment building, and which is cozy, private and very quiet. The exact address will be provided upon booking.

If you're unfamiliar with Reiki here is a quick introduction:

Quick Reiki Introduction

If you haven't heard of Reiki, here is what Wikipedia says about it:

"Reiki is a form of spiritual practice, used as a complementary therapy, proposed for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental diseases. Practitioners use a technique similar to the laying on of hands, which they say will channel "healing energy" (ki). Practitioners state that energy flows through their palms to bring about healing and that the method can be used for self-treatment as well as treatment of others."

While we all need to nurture our bodies with drink, food and exercise in order to stay alive and be well, most people don't realize that there is another source of nourishment that we all rely on. And that source is energy. Not the calories, but universal energy.

The good news is that the universal energy is in abundance, and it's readily available to all of us. Our bodies feed on that energy to stay alive and well. The energy comes in via chakras, which you can think of as spinning energy portals. There are seven major, and many minor, chakras in our body. The chakras are connected to each other via energy ducts. The chakras and energy channels are invisible, and the work that they do can not be perceived with normal five senses.

The bad news is that sometimes these chakras and energy channels get clogged, slowing the energy flow or completely stopping it. This usually happens when a person goes through some emotional trauma or bears an amount of unreleased negative feelings.

Normally the body can repair most of the issues it encounters on its own. However, when the energy flow is blocked, it can't cope well with fighting diseases. That is when organs in our body start malfunctioning and we get sick.

There are many energy healing techniques out there, and they all have one thing in common - they clear up the energy channels and chakras allowing the energy to flow freely, supplying the body with vital ingredients for its ability to self-repair. Reiki is one of these techniques. You can either learn how to administer Reiki by yourself or pay a visit to a Reiki practitioner.

One important thing to remember is: No matter whether you choose a conventional or alternative medicine, while it's possible to ameliorate certain conditions, if the circumstances that created those don't get changed, chances are high that the illness will strike back.

I offer various other types of healing work in Victoria.

Stas Bekman <stas@stason.org>.

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