Mind Expanding Books and Movies on Time Travel and Parallel Universes

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Besides being very engaging for those of us who like to stretch and expand our minds, contemplating concepts of time and space is a very powerful spiritual practice as it’s being taught by a Tantric text, called Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. Linear time and fixed locality are the limitations that keep us from accessing the God’s superpowers of omnitemporality and omnipresence. I guess parallel universes aren’t exactly a direct match to omnipresence, but it explores an aspect of it.

A lot of the modern physics discoveries are about non-linearity of time, and the possibility of existence of parallel universes (multiverse). Finally the science is starting to catch up with the science fiction.

Parallel Universes

The concept of parallel universes is rather simple. Take yourself exactly as you are at this moment. Now imagine that there is another universe where you’re slightly taller, and another, where you’re even taller, and so on. Another universe where you are slightly shorter, and in another, even more so. Now take each of your body parts, the health of your organs, your smarts, etc., and create a new universe where everything else is the same except that one is slightly different. You have just visualized a pretty big number of universes in your mind.

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Do Souls Get Swapped During a Near-Death Experience?

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In this article I will share an interesting observation I have made with regards to Near-Death Experiences. This is just a hypothesis. YMMV.

I first encountered the phenomenon of Near-Death Experiences (NDE) some years back. Having read several books on the topic, I found it striking that most people, who went through the experience and lived to tell the story, came back completely transformed. Upon return they usually found themselves significantly more loving, cheerful and being able to instantly let go of whatever in the past bothered them for long periods of time. Many were cured from whatever physical ailments they had. I’d dare say that most came back enlightened to a degree.

The given explanation was that they experienced the afterworld, learned that their soul is immortal, thus got freed from the fears of their body’s mortality and in the process got liberated. Having studied high states of consciousness, enlightenment and related topics, I knew that for most people it takes years, decades and lifetimes to achieve a steady high state of consciousness. Many people have experienced very high states of consciousness through entheogens, Holotropic Breathwork, spiritual emergency and advanced yogic practices. While it’s clear that some impact was made on their daily life, it again normally takes many years to bring to a deep transformation, since person’s ego is not very easily modified and it takes time. In my yoga studies I was taught that it takes 6 hours to 3 days (!) of being in samadhi (state of enlightenment) for it to become integrated. Yet with NDEs the transformation seems to happen almost instantaneously.

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Finding Meaning in Life through the Game of Life

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From the first days of humanity man sought something bigger than himself to define the meaning of his life. Thus various types of religion have emerged and served man for thousands of years. These days materialism is the main religion and most people find meaning in a race for a bigger house, fancier car, latest high-tech gadget and it’s all good. When, however, something happens to them and the materialism momentarily doesn’t shine its seductive rays, for example due to a death of dear person, or their illness, or perhaps when they acquired enough of material goods and ask themselves whether there is more to life than shiny objects, finding meaning becomes a very powerful need in their life.

The Hindu Story of Creation

In Hinduism there is a very powerful creation story. It’s been said, that there was a being, named Shiva, that was omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. And who, despite the infinite power, had a very unsatisfactory existence, because he couldn’t appreciate all that power, since there were no problems to apply this power to or a way to reflect on his own capacity. Being omniscient, he found a solution. Just like a child playing in a sandbox and pretending to be a firefighter, an astronaut or a knight, and once bored with the current pretense, moving to a new game of pretending to be someone else, Shiva decided to pretend that he is limited in its powers and thus have an interesting game of experiencing things. So he contracted into a very limited being that could only do a few simple things. But that quickly became boring just the same and therefore being almighty, he created an infinite number of universes, populated with an infinite number of completely unique beings, all having a different level of his power, interacting with each other in an infinite number of ways. And that infinite number of beings in infinite number of universes were all part of Shiva. Now that was something and Shiva set himself up for an infinite future of infinite number of experiences, as creatures large and small, all being a contracted  Shiva, went about their lives, with all the drama, comedy, horror, joy, excitement, and many other characteristics of the qualities of life. Basically this world is an entertainment sandbox of Shiva, who experiences it all and who chose to not make any rules or ever interfere, because any rules would turn an unlimited experience into a limited one and it’ll bring his wise plot to an end.

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Engineer Your Way Out of Suffering with Sacred Contract Method

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While I have been on a spiritual path for more than a decade, and have been balancing the path of an engineer and a healer, I’m still a big skeptic and don’t easily get sucked into woo-woo techniques and methods. So whether you believe in spiritual way or not, read on, because if you do what I did, the amount of suffering in your life will be reduced dramatically and it’ll happen very quickly. And the way is so simple. The more I experiment with different methods for having a better life, the more I find that if a method is not simple and can’t be learned in minutes, it’s not an efficient method. This is because Truth is simple, and therefore methods that lead to Truth can’t be, but simple.

Some 10 years ago I stumbled upon an audio recording of a seminar by Caroline Myss, where she discussed her book called “Sacred Contracts“. A big section of the book deals with spiritual archetypes, which I don’t really care too much for, but the gem was in her discussing the following theory, which requires that for the next few paragraphs you suppose that reincarnations are possible and that you live more than one life.  If you already believe in reincarnations — then all is good, if you don’t — please indulge me by suspending your disbelief for a few minutes and just suppose that it’s possible while you read the next few paragraphs.

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My Amazing 4-year Tantra Yoga Study Experience in Thailand

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Tantrik Yogi at Banaras 1958

This is my story of studying Tantra Yoga during 2009-2012 at Agama Yoga on Koh Phangan, Thailand. I wrote it to inspire others to explore the subject of authentic Tantra in a full immersion environment, which makes a huge difference to the impact it creates on the life of the practitioner, as compared to doing same back home on “low fire”. At the end of this article I share tips for those who dare to take a similar path.

From Sex to Spirituality

Until age 35 I was suffering from premature ejaculation. In year 2008 I decided that I can’t continue living my life with that handicap and resolved to overcome it. After a quick research the term Tantra popped up, which promised to fix any sexual problems and make the processes of sex into a divine experience. I said: “Amazing! And thank you!” and embarked on taking any and all workshops and trainings that had anything to do with Tantra.

My first training, happened to be a Tantra massage, which was mind-opening from one angle, as far as working on sexuality in a group, yet it was very unsatisfying in the theory and practical matters that were taught there.

Luckily, my second attempt was of a totally different caliber and it put me on the path of transforming my whole being, which started with my sexuality, and  later opened me to the divine in all aspects of my life. I stumbled on a training offered by Swami Vivekananda Saraswati in Vancouver, BC, where he was invited to be a guest teacher at a local yoga TTC.

Over the years of studying with Swami, I talked to many of his students.  Some resonated and comprehended his teachings and the mindset better than the others. For me his teachings were very easy to absorb, integrate and accept. Perhaps this is because both he and I are Electrical Engineers by education. Jumping ahead, his system offered zero solutions of working with emotions, other than transforming them into energy and sending them to your higher self, but otherwise completely bypassing the human aspect of emotions. At that time it was just what I needed and what I was open to. Only recently I felt the need to go back and dig into the raw emotions and feelings and not use a spiritual bypass to reduce suffering (which works oh so well if you know what to do!). The beautiful thing was that Swami has always been very authentic about his offerings. He always said:

“I teach you what I know and my mindset is the mindset that I live, and some of you may or may not resonate with some or all of my teachings and my ways of being with you. And you’re very welcome to go and find other teachers that work better for you.”

There are quite a few cults out there, this isn’t one, because it failed the most important rule of cults, where the head of the group does everything to make you stay.

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Experiencing Oneness Robert Silverberg-style

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Both authentic Tantra and Neo-Tantra include practices that ask the practitioner to experience oneness with your lover, those around you, your village, your city, your country, the whole planet and the whole universe.

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, which Osho called “the Book of Secrets”, includes several such techniques. In particular Dharana 081 (Sloka 104) presents a very advanced type of meditation, which calls for a state of mind that realizes “I’m everywhere”. It’s not an easy state to put one’s mind in, but sometimes a helpful support can be found. I am always on the lookout for such expressions that just appear one day in front of me and I tremendously rejoice in finding these, as they help me to practice this incredibly blissful state.

It happened when I was listening to Robert Silverberg’s “The World Inside“, which is a fascinating masterpiece of science fiction. While listening to the last segment of chapter 3 of that book, I have experienced a proximity of this state, attuning myself to the vibration masterful depicted by the author. The following excerpt is about one of the main characters, Dillon, who is trying a unique multiplexes drug and as a result experiencing oneness with 881,000 people, which is the population of one building some time in the future. This particular book explores a model of taking 1 million people, putting them all into one “box” and modeling how they might go about it. And here is the relevant excerpt:

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How and Where to Study Shaiva Tantra

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At times, when I talk to people and share my passion of authentic Tantra, while waving my hands and getting goosebumps all over my body, my collocutors often get interested to learn more and ask me for suggestions on how could they also learn this very unknown in the West, very amazing life-transforming science. This article is for all of you, who may have heard about Tantra, and would like to educate yourself a bit, in order to give yourself this simple and powerful gift, hiding in plain sight.

It’s very likely that you encountered the term “Tantra” in the context of Tantric Sex, and if that’s what you’re after, please see my article: How Tantric Is Tantric Sex?, where you will learn the differences between traditional Tantra and Western Tantra (Neo-Tantra). In the current article I will discuss teachers and teachings, related specifically to the authentic Tantra, some of which may integrate Neo-Tantra (Tantric Sex) as well.

Kashmir Shavism and Shaiva Tantra

There existed multiple branches of Tantra over the last 15+ centuries. Since 2008 I have been studying a particular branch, that’s is the most known and studied nowadays in the West and that’s of Kashmir Shaivism, which is a sub-branch of Shaiva Tantra, coming from the masters who lived in Kashmir, India. It’s one of the most known in the West because we had Swami Lakshmanjoo, the last of the masters in the Kashmir Shaivism lineage, share his knowledge with a group of Western disciples, who kept the flame alive after his passing in 1981. I traveled to his Ashrams in Shrinagar, Kashmir and New Delhi * and sadly the local disciples of his don’t really practice the full range of Swami’s teachings, but primarily meet to sing bhajans, and do an occasional conference. It’s the Western disciples, who received the direct transmission from Swami during 70s and 80s and couldn’t help but to continue transmitting the light to the rest of us, who missed that opportunity. I’m very grateful to those few persons who made the preservation of this knowledge their life’s purpose.

footnote *: I had an amazing spiritual experience spending a very brief time at Swami Lakshmanjoo’s Ashram in New Delhi, but I will share that story with you in another article.

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How to Fall Asleep When Your Mind is Racing

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“a ruffled mind makes a restless pillow” — Charlotte Brontë

While browsing though the books in the local this title stood out for me: Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for Those with Depression, Anxiety or Chronic Pain by Colleen Carney and Rachel Manber. The “Quiet Your Mind” part stood out as I have been in the process of researching practical solutions for my often hyperactive mind, which prevents me from falling asleep and getting a good night rest. The book has a dedicated chapter specifically addressing my quest. After skimming through it, I thought that they are others like me, who are looking for ways to consistently fall sleep night after night when their mind is racing.

This article discusses practical methods for helping you fall asleep when you just can’t stop thinking, exploring some of the proposed solutions in the book, and other solutions I have found elsewhere.


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Self-Healing Principles from H. Spencer Lewis, Ph. D.

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By H. Spencer Lewis, Ph. D.

Published in 1950.

(This is a little old writing I recently found in an old book. Scanned and OCRed for your reading pleasure.)

After twenty-five years of experience in metaphysical healing work as an individual practitioner, and in connection with the Council of Solace of the Rosicrucian Order, I feel that I can greatly assist many of our members and their friends by outlining some of the important principles that each may apply for himself in the healing or curing of many mental and physical conditions.

I suppose that each one of you who has ever had any treatment at the hands of a metaphysician realizes that such a physician always insists that the patient aid in the cure or the relief of a condition, if the most efficient results are to be obtained. Truly it is possible to work many marvelous changes in the physical body without the knowledge of the patient, and, therefore, without the patient’s cooperation. But it is equally true that such a method takes a longer time and is surrounded with many difficulties and problems.

The thing that astonishes even metaphysical practitioners is that the patient often waits too long or delays too long in bringing his case before the attention of the physician and thereby complicates conditions. The patient might have started the treatment processes himself before coming to the physician and thereby saved time and the aforesaid complications. In the cases of those living at long distances and who write or telegraph for help, there is often a delay of several days or many hours before their case can be given proper attention. During such time the patient is doing nothing to help himself but is allowing the condition to become exaggerated, or at least so developed that a longer time and a more difficult process is required to bring about the relief desired. And, in many cases, we know that had the patient attempted to do something for himself at the very beginning of the condition, he would quickly have found that there was no necessity for asking for outside or distant help.

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I’m Tired All The Time! How To Boost My Energy Level?

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Over the recent years I have been going through periods of chronic fatigue. This article is to share with you what things I have discovered in the process and perhaps some of those will help your situation as well.

There are always two things that need to be done about any given health condition:

  1. Deal with the cause.
  2. Deal with the symptoms.

If you only deal with symptoms you will be stuck forever depending on whatever solution you’d find to keep the symptoms at bay. Unfortunately our medical system is primarily interested with symptoms, and of course those who monetarily benefit from it don’t really want those symptoms to go away completely — otherwise they lose easy income from your dependency on their solution.

While both need to be taken care of — sometimes taking care of the symptoms first is important, before one has the strength to deal with the cause.

Following are different solutions that I have found helped me a lot with alleviating periods of chronic exhaustion and fatigue and replacing those with long periods of not being tired and feeling full of energy and life zest.

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